Crisis Management

A Master Class with Chris Potts



  • May 15    3 - 6 p.m.


  • Sofia    Elieff Center

Designed for

  • Business leaders interested in crisis management and ethical decision-making   


Join us for a fast-paced and interactive session with Chris Potts!

In this session, our distinguished guest will share his firsthand experience navigating a major bribery crisis that spanned the UK, US, and other jurisdictions. He will delve into the ethical and personal challenges he faced, the critical decisions that needed to be made, and the far-reaching impact on the company, leadership team, and stakeholders.

Prepare to:

  • Gain insights into uncovering and managing a serious bribery crisis.
  • Explore the ethical dilemmas and difficult decisions faced by leadership.
  • Understand the impact of such a crisis on a firm and its stakeholders.
  • Actively engage in debate and discussion about real-world crisis scenarios.

About Chris Potts

Chris Potts is a visionary CEO and Chair with over 20 years of international board-level experience. He has led knowledge-based software and technology businesses, delivering £0.5 billion in products and services and realizing £200 million in equity value for shareholders. A strong communicator and influencer, Dr. Potts excels in strategy formulation, governance, risk management, and change management. He has served on audit and risk committees and played key roles in leading successful business transformation programs. Dr. Potts’ leadership has been instrumental in the success of companies such as Guralp Systems, Rule Financial, Rhyme Systems and 3i Infotech Europe, as well as several UK public companies. With a diverse academic background and community involvement, he is a respected figure in the technology and business world.


Prices include VAT.

  • Regular rate - 245 Euro
  • AUBG alumni rate - 190 Euro