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Fall Early Admission
March 1
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June 1
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November 1

AUBG provides financial aid and awards scholarships based either on academic merit or based on both academic merit and financial need. Merit is the academic potential that we can see in your application documents. Financial need is determined through an analysis of the Application for Financial Aid (AFA) and supporting documents submitted as part of the application package or your successfully submitted Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The submission of AFA or FAFSA is optional - you are not required to file it unless you want to apply for need-based financial aid and need-based scholarships. No need-based award will be awarded without a complete AFA and a complete set of supporting documents or FAFSA.

How to Complete the Application for Financial Aid

  • Carefully read the AFA instructions. The AFA application form starts with guidance, and there are detailed explanations you can download below.

  • Collect the supporting documents listed in the checklist. An Application for Financial Aid with insufficient supporting documents will not be considered. Beware that it may take more than a month to collect all the documents from various institutions.

  • Download and Fill in the application form and sign it. By signing the application you are asking to be considered on the basis of the documents enclosed. You can not include additional documents later. Make sure the AFA is complete; the fields with no data mark with "N/A". If you are unable to complete any section of the application or send any of the required documents, please include an explanation on line 58 of AFA.

  • Contact your Admissions Counselor! They will be able to answer your questions about the Application for Financial Aid and the required supporting documents.

    If you need help, email or call your counselor a minimum of three days before the application deadline!

  • Submit your completed AUBG Application Form and all the supporting documents by uploading scanned copies to AUBG's Application Portal from the Status Page before the application deadline.

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1. Application Form

2. Absence of Trade Activities Declaration*

*If applicable 

3. Instructions

You and your guardian(s) should read all the instructions carefully and be as thorough as possible.

Detailed instructions for the 2023/2024 Application for Financial Aid are available in:

Important Notes:

Documents supporting the AFA must be scanned originals. All documents should be for the most recent 12-month period and translated into English (by a sworn translator) unless they are in Bulgarian or English. A scanned copy of the AFA along with the supporting documents have to be uploaded to AUBG's Application Portal from the Status Page after you submit your online application.

U.S. citizens or eligible Non-U.S. citizens may submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) instead of AUBG's Application for Financial Aid. To see if you are an eligible non-U.S. citizen visit

Send your FAFSA to AUBG using our Federal School Code, G34423.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It depends. We can't answer this question until we receive the full package of documents. In some cases, need-based financial assistance covers 20% of tuition.

  • The financial information provided by applicants is confidential. The American University in Bulgaria obeys the Law for Protection of Personal Data. The information collected is kept strictly confidential and is used only by the Financial Aid Committee to determine a grant amount for the prospective AUBG student.

  • No. You must upload scanned copy of the Application for Financial Aid and the supporting documents to your online application's Status Page.

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