Karina Ulucheva ('07)

Vice President for Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness

Karina Ulucheva (’07) holds a B.A. in Business Administration from AUBG and an MBA from INSEAD (Singapore and France), and is an ACCA Member. She has extensive professional experience in project management and process optimization, business development, and financial management. Prior to joining AUBG, Karina was a Manager at PwC, leading various audit and consulting projects for principal international companies from different industries, among which banks and financial institutions, FMCG, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, automotive, real estate and production entities. For the last year before coming to AUBG, Karina served also as the Learning and Development Lead in PwC, responsible for organizing and assigning the professional development courses of the Assurance department, as well as teaching different professional and ACCA trainings.

In July 2021 Karina returned to AUBG, this time as a Vice President for Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness. Karina’s responsibilities are the development and implementation of a detailed strategic plan, as well as a framework to measure the progress toward, and success of projects supporting institutional priorities; leading the project of optimization of AUBG’s processes and procedures, in order to achieve transparency of operations in the organization; strengthening the internal control
environment and risk management in the organization with the aim to introduce an effective corporate governance process.