Albena Kehayova (EMBA '16)

Director of Communications and Marketing

Albena Kehayova (EMBA ’16) was promoted to Director of Communications and Marketing at AUBG in 2018. Prior to that, she
served as a Marketing and PR Lead in the same office and as a PR Coordinator in the University Relations Office. Kehayova has solid international experience in marketing and public relations and has been involved at all levels in the planning, initiating and managing the strategic communication activities for AUBG. Previously, she worked as a product manager in the highly competitive pharmaceutical sector.

The Office of Communications and Marketing fosters the AUBG brand by telling our stories of excellence and success to internal and external audiences. It serves as the university’s primary contact with media and presents the university’s position on matters of interest to the general public to shape the image of the university before its stakeholders. The Office assures the selection of relevant, coherent and impactful marketing approaches and communication tools for mass media, university’s own media, publications, touchpoints and below the line activities and events. All of those support the extension of AUBG’s mission and enhancing our image in servicing internal customers as Admissions, Development, EMBA, ELI, and others. As guardian of the AUBG brand, the office provides guidelines on how to apply our brand components in a way that articulates AUBG’s identity, raises our profile, and encourages audiences to engage with the university.