Kathryn Loosemore

CEO at Kantar Worldpanel

Kathryn Loosemore has thrived in the content management industry for over 20 years, working across three continents and amassing a wealth of experience in data management, data/process quality, program management, and customer service. She is a keen advocate of Diversity and Inclusion in and beyond the workplace.

Throughout her career, Kath has successfully managed off-shoring operations teams and implemented quality management programs, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. She has led the Process Excellence (Six Sigma) team and designed performance metrics for diverse financial, legal, news, and tax content.

Kath’s expertise extends to close collaboration with clients in the news, tax, and legal sectors, where she provides thought leadership on technology solutions, performance measurement, and customer service.

During her time at Thomson Reuters, Kath held a pivotal role as the leader of the Legal Entity operations team, where she effectively translated market-driven (regulatory) changes into customer-centric solutions. Her deep understanding of Market Data and Symbology has greatly influenced her strategy and program management for a global technology team.

Currently, as the Chief Operations Officer at Kantar Worldpanel, Kath manages a global team that leverages technology and market insight to create unique consumer behavior insights. Her team is responsible for collecting, aggregating, and analyzing consumer data, delivering timely, accurate, and visually engaging presentations to clients.
Kath’s key areas of expertise encompass Operations management, Project Management, data governance, quality governance, M&A, cloud migration, AI, ML, and technical governance. Her proven track record and diverse skill set continue to drive impactful results in the content management industry.