Julian Milev (’99)

Trustee, Co-chair of the Finance & Property Committee

Julian Milev (’99), co-chair of the Finance & Property Committee has until recently been the Vice President Finance and CFO for TELUS International Europe (TIE) covering Bulgaria and Romania. In close to 5 years with TIE, Mr. Milev led the transformation of the business from an entrepreneurial enterprise to an IPO-ready subsidiary of a large international corporation with all necessary governance principles and practices enabling SOX-compliant operations for a company with 5,000+ employees servicing some of the most demanding and fast-growing global customers such as Google, Facebook, Airbnb. For 2 years, Mr. Milev served as a Board member of the TELUS Community Board (the CSR arm of TIE which financed more than 100 CSR projects in support of various local and regional social causes). He has served as a Board member of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association. Prior to joining TIE, Mr. Milev spent 4 years as a relationship manager at Citibank Europe originating and delivering financing solutions for the largest Bulgarian private and public companies. After graduating from AUBG, Mr. Milev was the first AUBG alumnus to join Kraft Foods where over the course of 10 years he held managerial roles in Bulgaria, the UK and Switzerland. While at Kraft, Mr. Milev helped construct and deploy a long-lasting partnership with AUBG which made possible that more than 30 AUBG undergraduate alumni join the company in diverse roles with the company. Mr. Milev has hosted AUBG EMBA cohorts in London and Zurich and actively promoted the program among young professionals.