Admissions - Bachelor's Degrees


  1. Quality Education: AUBG is accredited in the US by NEASC, the same body that accredits Harvard, MIT, and Yale. Dual US & EU diploma and interdisciplinary teaching at AUBG assures that you discover and develop your unique strengths and are well-positioned for success in a quickly changing world.
  2. Career success: Our graduate employment rate is 99.8%, and 20% of graduates make more than $100,000 a year. AUBG is the home for creators of companies like Telerik (worth $363,000,000).
  3. Amazing value: AUBG offers a US diploma for only a fraction of what it would cost in the USA. There are need and merit scholarships to top students, on-campus jobs, government-guaranteed loans, and Summer Work and Travel Programs through which most of the students finance their education.

How to apply?

Start your application today by checking the application procedures and contact Admissions for personalized advice.

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