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The Effective Writing Center at the University of Maryland Global Campus offers instruction on citation styles, assignment types, grammar and punctuation, how to do research, and more. You'll also find sample papers and help with career documents.

Writer's Web: Use this comprehensive resource to take you from the beginning stages of planning your paper to polishing your final draft so that it shines.

LO: Literacy Education Online: Have questions about specific aspects of your writing? This useful site offers online handouts to address the how-to’s of academic writing, including how to catch errors in your own writing.

Harvard College Writing Center: Let Harvard help you craft a winning essay. This site offers writing guides from the beginning steps of how to read an assignment to instructions on conclusions, grammar, punctuation, and style.

UNC College of Arts and Science: Need help in understanding assignments? Writing a grant proposal, honors thesis, or for a specific field? The UNC Writing Center offers 90 different handouts and/or demos to help with writing tasks and assignments.

Scholarpedia: Like Wikipedia? You'll love Scholarpedia, a free online peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world.

Critical Thinking on the Web: This site offers more fascinating information than you'll ever need about how to think critically about a plethora of topics.

The UNC Writing Center offers great tips on speech writing.

Owl Online Writing Lab: For information on virtually any writing assignment you’ll encounter during your university career, visit Purdue University’s Writing Lab page.

Article Usage in English: Having troubles figuring out when to use “the,” “a,” or “an”? Take a look at this helpful guide to using English articles.

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