Writing Center FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does coming to the Writing Center really help me to become a better writer, or is it just to ‘fix’ my grammar before I hand the paper in?

Grades tend to improve after a student’s third consultation. Writers usually become more proficient when attention has been given to each phrase of the writing process: organization/invention, writing and revising. Therefore, do NOT wait until an hour before a paper is due to visit the Writing Center; chances are you’ll only be wasting your own and your tutor’s time. 

2. But my English grammar is really awful and I need some extra help just for this. Is it possible to schedule special tutorial sessions for this? 

Yes. Once we know what you need, we can arrange special sessions or workshops just for grammar issues. 

3. Can I book a session in advance?

It is highly recommended that you do so. Please go to our online scheduling page at http://aubg.mywconline.com to make an appointment with the tutor of your choice. (Make sure to register first.) 

4. What should I bring to my Writing Center Tutorial? 

One of the key elements in a successful Writing Center consultation is to come prepared, and that means having specific question in mind rather than just handing your paper to the tutor. Bring your ideas, brainstorming notes, and particularly your assignment guides/prompts, so we’ll know what is being asked of you by your professor. Bring writing at any stage of your process, but paper drafts must be typed and printed out. It is also a good idea to bring your research materials if you are seeking help with citing or avoiding plagiarism. Notes from your professor regarding your unique strengths and weaknesses as a beginning writer are especially helpful to your consultant. 

5. Will the Writing Center consultants proofread and edit my paper?

The Writing Center staff does not proofread or edit any paper for any students because this practice is counterproductive to learning. You are responsible for the texts you produce. We can help you learn how to identify and correct mechanical errors in your own work, but we do not offer ‘quick fixes’ or ‘instant editorial service’. 

6. Is there anything else I need to do? 

After your scheduled session, you’ll receive an email prompting you to fill out an anonymous evaluation form. Please be as thorough and honest as possible so that we can help you and others more effectively.

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