Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen Writing Center

Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen Writing Center is named after Prof. Filitsa Mullen (1962 - 2017) - an inspiring teacher, a remarkable colleague, and a passionate writer.  

The Writing Center exists for the purpose of assisting AUBG students from all areas of study with their writing. Our goal is to help students—from ELI scholars to seniors— become better writers.

Peer tutors offer free assistance in a variety of writing processes by providing students with the tools and instruction they need to improve their writing. Students may come to the Writing Center at all stages of the writing process: brainstorming and generating ideas; discovering problems with sentence and/or essay structure; utilizing various sentence types; forming a thesis statement; writing rough drafts; identifying areas that need revision including grammatical difficulties; and developing the skills to proofread and self-edit. Beyond papers for courses across the curriculum, peer tutors can assist students in finding reference and research materials, citing sources, understanding specific assignments, and writing CVs, business letters, speeches, etc. 

Students from all disciplines are welcome to visit us as many times during a semester as they desire. Peer tutors will help students learn how to think critically about and edit their work more effectively. In order for the students—not the tutors—to retain responsibility for their writing and grades, writing tutors will not “correct” or edit papers; rather, they will provide feedback that allows students to make changes to their own work. 

Our writing tutors are from multiple countries and are conversant in several languages. 

The Writing Center also offers: 

  • a selection of instructional books and reference works students are free to access in order to address specific questions and problems involved in the writing process
  • extensive online materials through links provided on our “Resources” pageaccess to writing hand-outs and guides
  • a chance for collaboration with other peer tutors skilled in numerous areas of study with whom we share the Learning Center facility

The Writing Center generally opens on the second week of classes and closes a week before the last day of classes each semester.

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