Women and Gender Resources Center

Purpose Statement

The WGRC is designed to be a nexus of information and support services, providing safe and private support for victims of harassment and violence; information relevant to gender-specific needs, such as local medical service providers, community and campus support groups, and international gender-based groups; information on gender-specific opportunities, such as scholarships, loans, and internships; and a safe study space for women, gender-nonconforming, and other minorities on campus, as well as for any person seeking to study and explore issues of gender and identity.

The WGRC will also enhance students’ opportunities to direct their studies and experiences toward the exploration of gender issues by maintaining a Gender Resource Library of academic titles, promoting gender awareness events on campus, and sponsoring an on-campus film series. The WGRC also houses a Reading/Meditation Room for community use.


One of the primary functions of the WGRC is providing support for victims of harassment and violence.

There has been a growing realization that sexual assault and rape, as well as partner violence, are endemic to college and university communities both across the United States and around the world. It is the responsibility of individual university communities and of the government that supports those communities to respond to such violence by creating a support structure in which victims can feel safe in reporting incidents of violence and harassment and in which all such reports are treated with dignity and respect.

The WGRC is one of the many ways that AUBG seeks to provide such support to its community members—students, faculty, and staff. The WGRC is a designated Safe Space, and we are here to support and assist anyone who comes in a state of distress, for any reason.

Our primary goal is to provide a confidential, judgment-free space for victims of harassment and violence to find support and safety. We will also provide information about the various support services that AUBG provides to its community members, such as Counseling Services and Health Services, and can help connect victims with these service providers. We can also inform victims of their right to file official complaints and assist them in discreetly contacting the appropriate people to begin that process, should the victim choose to do so. All such decisions will be made by the victim, in her or his own time; her/his situation will not be communicated to other offices without consent.

Gender-Specific Resource Lists

The WGRC is in the process of collecting information on a variety of resources applicable to members of the AUBG community. This information will include, but not be limited to:

1.       Scholarship and financial aid information (programs directed towards a specific gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, or other minority position)

2.       Medical resources

o    specialists in gender-specific medical issues, both local and in Sofia

o    female physicians, both local and in Sofia

3.       Gender-based groups and organizations (local, national, and international)

4.       Organizations centered on other groups that regularly experience discrimination.

For more information, please visit the WGRC during opening hours.

Safe Study Space

Any student who feels uncomfortable or unsafe in other AUBG study spaces due to her or his sex, gender identification, orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, or other minority position will be welcome to come to the WGRC in order to have a safe, quiet, supportive study environment.

Also, any person who is working on projects relating to gender, diversity, equity, sustainability, or similar topics are welcome to come and use the study space. The WGRC has very good wifi reception!

The study space also houses the Gender Resource Library, and visitors are welcome to use those resources as well.


Reading & Meditation Room

This inner room of the WGRC is designed for quiet and peacefulness with comfortable chairs and ambient lighting. There are also six wicker floor cushions designed for seating yoga and meditation. The Reading & Meditation Room is also equipped with a new sound system that plays CDs and mp3 files, and users are welcome to bring their own music.


Gender Resource Library, Film Series, Campaigns


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