UPP Step 3

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UPP’s Step 3 is a highly advanced English language course designed to prepare students with a good command of English for university level work. It builds on the strengths of UPP’s Step 2, but is also open to high school graduates who have studied English intensively and reached a high level of proficiency.

By providing students with solid language support, the course helps them consolidate their knowledge of both formal English grammar and subtleties of usage. It enhances their skills in all areas of language acquisition: listening comprehension, structure, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. All in all, it helps boost students’ confidence as proficient users of the language.

In its second part, UPP's Step 3 emphasizes detailed TOEFL preparation, offering successful TOEFL test-taking strategies.  It allows students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the tests, leaving more time for self-preparation, memorizing, building up and activating their own TOEFL vocabulary. Writing classes are included.


Offered twice a year:  August to December and January to May

Fall'20 Semester schedule:  August 31 through November 27, 2020


  • UPP Step 3 Tuition* - $1,165
  • Accommodation at the AUBG Residence - $658
  • Health insurance - $34
  • Student activities fee - $155

*A 20 % discount is available for Bulgarian citizens.


For more details and questions, contact eli@aubg.edu

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