UPP Step 3


Target Group: This course is suitable for students who have completed successfully an upper-intermediate (B2) English language course.

Program Content: Step 3 is an advanced English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course designed to prepare students with a good command of English for university-level work. By providing students with solid language support, the course helps them consolidate their knowledge of both formal English grammar and the subtleties of usage. It enhances their skills in all areas of language acquisition: listening comprehension, sentence structures, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. Step 3 helps boost students’ confidence as proficient users of English. 

In its second part, Step 3 emphasizes detailed university admissions test preparation, offering successful test-taking strategies. The course allows students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the test, but leaves ample time for self-preparation as well as for college-level speaking and writing training. 

At the end of Step 3 students are offered to take the pBT TOEFL and apply for full admission to AUBG.

Duration and Intensity: Step 3 covers 350 hours taught over 3-4 months, five hours a day, five days a week*. It is offered twice a year: August to November/December and January to April/May.

Fall 2021 Semester schedule: August 30 through November 26, 2021


  • UPP Step 3 Tuition** - $1,165
  • Accommodation at the AUBG Residence - $658
  • Health insurance - $38
  • Student activities fee - $158

**A 20 % discount is available to Bulgarian citizens applying to AUBG.

Contact: For more information, please send an email to eli@aubg.edu

* The English Language Institute at AUBG reserves the right to modify the number of UPP contact hours vs. hours devoted to self-preparation depending on the number of enrolled students and their specific language needs. Students will be notified of such changes at the beginning of the course. The learning outcomes of the course will be maintained despite the above-mentioned changes.

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