University Committees

The American University in Bulgaria relies on University committees for advice to key administrators on matters of policy. 

Academic Integrity Council


Reviews allegations of academic dishonesty, plagiarism, or other forms of academic misconduct, and makes recommendations to the President for suspension, dismissal, or other appropriate action for persons found responsible for sufficiently serious violations. 

Membership: Faculty: 3 (from different Departments); Staff: 1; Students: 3 

Chair: To be elected 

1. Olga Nikolova
2. Arthur Pantelides
3. Jason Murphy

1. Krasimir Spasov, Information Literacy Librarian  

1. Jurgen Gjini
2. Maria Vasileva
3. Lina Chakarova

Academic Standing Committee


Reviews the academic progress of students, determining whether students are maintaining good academic standing, and whether those whose performance falls below the levels articulated in University policies are subject to academic warning, probation, suspension or dismissal. The Committee will monitor the progress of those students on probation to determine whether the conditions of probation have been satisfied.

Membership: Faculty: 3,  Staff: 3

Chair: Robert White, Dean of Faculty

1. Petar Dalakov
2. Krastanka Bozhinova
3. Ilya Levine

Maia Parmakova, Advising Center Coordinator
Tania Markova, Registrar
The Dean of Faculty as Chair holds the third staff seat.

Accreditation Committee


Evaluates and interprets US, Bulgarian or any other appropriate accreditation criteria, assists in the process of gathering information and opinions from all university constituencies, assists departments in the process of writing and editing their program accreditation reports, oversees the writing and editing of the US accreditation self-study reports, and participates actively in the onsite visits of accreditation teams. Advises the Provost.

Membership: Faculty: 6 members; Admin: 3

Co-Chair: Dimitar Christozov, Interim Provost
Co-Chair: Lucia Miree, Interim Associate Provost


1. Robert White, Dean of Faculty
2.Tanya Papazova, Director Accreditation and Inst’l Research
3. Diana Stancheva
4. Rositsa Gradeva
5/6 The Interim Provost and the Interim Associate Provost hold the fifth and sixth seats.

US Accreditation

1. Bobby Phillips

The chairs of sub-committees is responsible for writing the narrative on each NEASC accreditation standard participate in the work of the Accreditation Committee during US accreditation cycles.

Admissions Committee


To review applications for the fall and spring semesters. In determining admission, consideration is given to many different indications of a student’s qualities and abilities: scholastic achievements, performance on standardized tests, extracurricular activities, personal experience and leadership potential. The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants on the strength of the application as a whole and makes initial recommendations for financial aid and merit-based awards. Committee deliberations are confidential.

Meets weekly especially in the second semester.

Membership: Faculty: 2,  Staff: 3

Chair: Boriana Shalyavska, Admissions Director

1. Stanislava Gyurova, ELI
2. Iskra Rusanova
3. The Admissions Director as Chair holds the third staff seat.

1. Sabina Wien
2. Nedyalko Delchev



Acts as a task force in the organization the Commencement ceremony and related Commencement events in May; coordinates between the different departments of the University engaged in the logistics of these events and the ceremony; facilitates and develops new ideas and practices to secure efficiency and safety of the organization of the Commencement weekend events. (The number of members to be confirmed, should be composed of members from Dining, Security, Facilities departments)

Chair: Radosveta Miltcheva 

1. Rumyana Boshkilova
2. Maria Sotirova, Registrar
3. Antoniya Arnautska

Additional Staff:
Martin Georgiev
Evgenia MacDonald
Olga Draganova
Viktor A Dimitrov
Ilko Vangelov
Atanas Urdev
Lydia Krise
Lyudmila Dzakova
Albena Kehayova

Forecasting and Budgeting


Forecasts revenues and costs for the University and advises on the creation of the annual budget. The Committee advises the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Membership: Faculty: 2, Staff: 6, Students: 2

Chair: Iliya Kardashev, VP Finance and Administration

1. Dimitar Christozov, Interim Provost
2. Lucia Miree, Interim Associate Provost
3. Todor Kehayov, Residence Life Director
4. Mariya Handzhiyska, Study Abroad Coordinator
5. Todor Todorv, Operations Director
6. The Chair holds the fifth staff position.

1. Jeffrey Nilsen
2. Marenglen Berisha

1. Michail Aleksov
2. Davit Arjania

Honorary Degree and Distinguished Service


Solicits nominations for honorary degrees and distinguished service awards from the University community, reviews nominations, and makes recommendations to the President for candidates for conferral of the AUBG Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Service Awards. 

Membership: Faculty: 2; Staff: 4

Chair: Dimitar Christozov, Interim Provost

1. Vladimir Levchev
2. Lyubomir Terziev  

1. Yana Simeonova, Clerk to the Board of Trustees
2. Albena Kehayova, Marketing and PR Director
3. Irena Macheva, Director of Development
4. The Provost as Chair holds the fourth staff seat

Human Subjects Review


Guarantees the observance of ethical standards and legal responsibilities in conducting off- or on-campus surveys by faculty, staff, and students. 

Membership: Faculty: 3; Staff: 2. 

Chair: Rossen Petkov, Instructor of Marketing

1. Mark Leonard
2. Lynnette Leonard
3. The Chair holds the third position

1. Lydia Krise, Dean of Students
2. Evelina Terzieva, Institutional Research Officer 



Conducts the selection process and chooses the recipients of named scholarships, funded by private individuals, corporations and foundations. Awards are given when available and are directed towards students’ tuition.

Faculty: 3,  Staff: 4

Chair: Irena Macheva, Director of Development

1. Felix Diaz
2. Lucia Lopez Vazquez
3. Laura Kelly

1. Kristina Doneva, Financial Aid Coordinator
2. Dimana Doneva, Senior Editor and Marketing Content Specialist
3. Borislav Tyulekov, Database and Reporting Senior Coordinator
4. Chair holds the fourth position

Sexual Harassment Hearing Panel


Hears complaints and makes recommendations to the HR Director. Members of this committee must undergo mandatory training on the subject matters addressed by the committee. 

Membership: Faculty: 2; Staff: 2; Students: 2

Chair: To be elected 

1. Laura Kelly
2. Ivelin Sardamov  

1. Senem Konedareva, Health and Safety and Health Education Coordinator
2. Rayna Tuzlukova, Psychologist

1. Ainagul Aitbayeva
2. Anastasia Flegontova

Student Conduct


Reviews non-academic grievances against students, student clubs or other student entities, cases of student violence and other matters in which students are alleged to have broken housing policies, student conduct policies, technology policies, general ethic codes or other internal University regulations. The Committee makes recommendations to the President. 

Membership: Faculty: 3; Staff: 2; Students: 3

Chair: Pierangelo Castagneto 

1. Pierangelo Castagneto
2. Lucia Lopez Vazquez
3. Ilya Levine

1. Todor Kehayov, Residence Life Director
2. Evgenia MacDonald, Assistant to the Dean of Faculty

1. Dimitar Lazarovski
2. Luka Gotsiridze
3. Xhonatan Cela

Student Outcomes Assessment


Requests, gathers, reviews and evaluates data on the outcomes from the overall academic, co- and extracurricular experience of the AUBG students. As a result of research findings, makes recommendations for improvement in the academic and residential life programs to the Provost.

Faculty: 2; Staff: 3; Students: 2

Chair: Dimitar Christozov, Interim Provost. 

1. Petar Dalakov
2. John Galletly

1. Lydia Krise, Dean of Students
2. Tanya Papazova, Director Accreditation and Inst’l Research
3. The Provost as Chair holds the third seat.

1. Binderiya Usukhbayar
2. Andrey Georgiev

Student Services

Advises the Dean of Students regarding non-curricular student activities and issues. Administers the annual Student Travel Fund. Selects participants in study abroad programs.

Recommends the Student Commencement Speaker to the President. 

Recommends the Presidential Medalist to the President.

Meets every two weeks.

Faculty: 3; Staff: 3; Students: 3

Chair: Lydia Krise, Dean of Students

1. William Clark
2. Nedyalko Delchev

1. Martin Georgiev, Communications Development Specialist
2. Toshka Borisova, Head Librarian
3. The Dean of Students as Chair holds the third seat.

1. Klea Hassabeliu
2. Anastasia Flegontova
3. Binderiya Usukhbayar

Meets every two weeks.

Staff Development and Policies


Facilitates the development of staff and managers through recommendations for training programs, individual development plans, and improvements in the annual evaluation process consistent with the goals for development of the institution. The committee prepares guidelines and reviews applications for professional development support and makes recommendations to the Provost.

Membership: Staff: 5

Chair: Elena Bardarova, HR Partner 

1. Daniela Kukoleva
2. Radosveta Milcheva
3. Rengin Nalblantova
4. Gergana Atanasova
5. The Chair holds the fifth staff seat

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