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Transportation for individual or group business trip, different than the Shuttle Service Procedure

The employees who have a driving license are strongly encouraged to use the AUBG automobile – Toyota booking it at least one day prior to the date of the business trip. In the car register the employee should write down the date and hour of departure, the kilometers at the beginning and the kilometers at the end of the trip. If the employee needs to refuel the car, he/she has to enter in the car register the data for litters, type of fuel and the amount of the invoice.

In case the AUBG automobile is not available, the employee could use his/her personal car and the cost of fuel will be reimbursed by AUBG following the Travel Expenses rules below: 1. Travel expenses are reported through a Travel Report. 2. Travel Report is prepared by AUBG officer or the one who travels on the account of the University. 3. Supporting expense documents are attached to the Travel Report. The following documents will be accepted:

  • Original ticket.
  • Invoice for air ticket, if the air ticket is bought from Bulgaria. 
  • Invoices and cash register receipts for oil and petrol, if bought in Bulgaria you can check here and count how much you will be reimbursed for the business travel. 
  • Cash register receipt for oil and petrol, if bought from abroad. 
  • Please follow the previous point. Invoices and cash register receipt for accommodation in hotels (in Bulgaria). 
  • Cash receipt or other documents for accommodation in hotels abroad. 
  • Cash receipt from individuals, for accommodation in private rooms. 
  • Cards, tickets or other original documents for internal transportation abroad. Documents establishing travel dates for per diems, if allowed. 
  • Standard rates determined by the U.S. Government listed in (foreign per diem rates) and (U.S. per diem rates) are the maximum rates. The management of the University may establish lower rates.

4. The immediate supervisor must approve the Travel Report.
5. The Travel Report is then submitted to the Accounting Office. 6. The Accounting Office reviews the supporting documents and may require additional clarifications or explanations, especially if the documents are not in Bulgarian. The traveler and his (her) supervisor, are required to follow the instructions given by the Accounting Office. 7. The Business Office is allowed to make the payment, after approval by the immediate supervisor and the Accounting Office. Exceptions The AUBG vans will be used only on the above mentioned way. Exceptions should be authorized by the President and the Senior Manager responsible for transportation only for serious reasons related to the needs of the Board of Trustees, Students and special AUBG guests. In extreme conditions employees can use external transport which should be approved by Purchasing Office. Taxi services, public transportation, airplanes and your personal vehicles AUBG will pay for the necessary costs incurred by the traveler while traveling on University business. Except for per diem, the institution will not pay for costs of a personal nature. The immediate supervisor of the traveler is responsible for approving and reviewing all travel for compliance with this procedure and appropriateness of the items claimed.

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