TEFL 2019

AUBG's Annual TEFL Conference 2019: Self-Awareness and Personal Growth of the Teacher. Challenges & Solutions

For the first time this year, the participants in the conference will receive a certificate with the award of one qualification credit according to Ordinance № 12/01.09.2016. The trainers in the conference are representatives of the "Happiness" Training Center.

Happiness Training Center is one of the leading instructional organizations for the qualification of pedagogical specialists in Bulgaria. “Happiness” Training Centre provides training with a practical focus on interesting topics using the powerful combination of innovative techniques and interactive training methods.  During her more than ten years of experience, the manager and coach, Maria Derijan, has trained over 10,000 teachers from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Italy etc. All event facilitators are psychologists with substantial experience in the education field. The course ends with a certificate granting one qualification credit and an internationally recognized ISO-2015 certificate.

"Enhancing the teacher’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Training for Personal Development and Good Mood” is a course in which the teachers present themselves, their strengths, interests, achievements, and goals.  It is a two-day session consisting of one theoretical and two practical modules – each taking 2 hours. You will achieve our goals in a prompt, pleasant and effortless way. The practical modules are fully interactive and training-oriented. This training focuses on the innovations that teachers have reached in their practice as exchanging knowledge and sharing ideas is our greatest strength! Last but not least - this course is a source of good self-esteem and a great mood!

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