AUBG Executive MBA Scholarship

Witnessing your everyday achievements, we are eager to provide the same superb experience that all of you once had to a talented and ambitious but financially constrained individual who, we believe, would be a great fit for the EMBA program. This can be made possible by offering them the opportunity to receive an EMBA Scholarship!

Thinking back of your time in AUBG’s Executive MBA program – what is the first thing that pops in your mind? Is it the sleepless hours of hard study and dedication? Or, perhaps, the great professors and long-lasting friendships? May be it was the feeling of satisfaction when submitting class projects? I’m sure you won’t forget the juggling between work, family, social life and school in a tireless effort to keep a healthy balance… But for what we know, at the end, you just knew that all of this was absolutely worth it!

If you had the chance to do it all over again – would you? No need for an answer -  we know you would!

For so many of you AUBG’s EMBA program was a professional trampoline and a complete life-changer! We, at AUBG, can’t help but enjoy watching you grow, develop and succeed in your careers and we feel as if your success is our success!

Therefore, we kindly ask you to support the AUBG EMBA Scholarship and offer a bright professional the unique opportunity to follow in your footsteps and continue AUBG’s EMBA tradition of nurturing the new leaders! 

Contribute to the EMBA Scholarship here.

If you haven’t yet made up your mind, please watch the inspiring video of our own EMBA alumni and let’s all join efforts and give today to change someone’s tomorrow!

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