Support for Educational, Cultural and Youth Organizations


1. Policy
The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is committed to promoting educational and cultural activities, as well as youth engagement through the Elieff Center for Education and Culture in Sofia. Designed as a knowledge hub that provides an interactive environment, the Elieff Center is equipped with conference halls, a co-working space and a library, securing an excellent environment for educational, cultural and other public events. The Elieff Center also serves as conduit for AUBG’s cooperation with various non-profit organizations in the education, culture and youth sectors.

To better support non-profit organizations, AUBG is launching a new initiative. The university is offering its Elieff Center facilities free of charge to non-profit organizations who may use the Center for conferences, seminars, training courses, public discussions, art talks, exhibitions, etc. AUBG will support activities that promote knowledge and technology transfer, present artistic and cultural achievements, promote social engagement and participation, are inspiring and innovative, and are connected to AUBG’s mission.

2. Procedures
The Elieff Center will grant the use of its facilities free of charge four times per month to non-profit organizations who engage in the activities described above. Organizations will be selected on a competitive and availability basis. Applicants who do not qualify could apply to rent the premises according to the rules for renting space at the Center.

Applicants should meet the following conditions:

  • The beneficiary institution organizing the event should be an NGO or an individual working in the area of education and/or culture. Each applicant can submit only one application per month.
  • The event should contribute to promoting education, culture and/or youth participation.
  • Applications must be submitted one month prior to the event.
  • The event should be designed for 20-120 participants.
  • The organization is responsible for promoting the event and the promotion should highlight AUBG’s contribution.
  • NGOs registered for public benefit will be treated preferentially.

AUBG reserves the right to cancel and/or charge for the event if there is any change in the purpose, scope or format of the events as stated in the applications. The following events do not qualify for free of charge facilities use:

  • corporate or commercial activities;
  • political or religious activities;
  • product presentations and marketing.

The application procedure is simplified and reduced to submitting an application form (Annex 1) to

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