Career Orientation: Exploration and Preparation

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Stress is not a necessary element of a job search! Remove the anxiety that is typically related to career and job searches with a practical investigation of career options and the preparation of necessary job-oriented documents. In ‘Career Orientation: Exploration and Preparation’, students will examine the various career options of our world and how they relate to: fields of study and specializations of higher education, personality types, salaries and costs of living, and personal interests and passions. This course builds off of this exploration by providing the necessary requirements of a successful and stress-free job search. Along with potential careers, the course content includes: the creation and development of ‘career documents’ like, resumes, cover letters, and references pages, with an emphasis on their content, style, and format. Participants will investigate such topics as the role of action verbs in their professional and personal lives through comparing examples of strong and weak career documents. In addition to the preparation and comparison of career materials, students will also utilize mock interviews and discussions of the appropriate and inappropriate habits and etiquette of jobs that differ in career sector, level of professionalism, and cultural practices. Aside from making and bettering the students’ documents, participants will also take part in team building, communication, and leadership development games and activities as a means of preparing them for their future as an employee, coworker, and/or boss.


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In the drama course, the students will learn about all aspects of theater. They will learn the fundamentals of acting, directing, and writing plays. To start with, we will play games together, will help the students learn to create characters, express themselves, and work together. The students will read and analyze play scripts, do writing exercises, and even will get to direct each other. We will then work on how to write a script and the students will work together to create short plays in groups. At the end of the course, each student will have had a chance to write, direct, and act.


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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of journalism. Students will learn about the wide spectrum of topics covered by journalists, how to write and edit news, opinion articles, conduct interviews and cover live events, the principles of photojournalism, and the importance of adhering to journalistic ethical standards. We will also look at how to think critically about news and it's sources. These skills will be put into practice as all students work together to create their own blogs that keep their families up to date on their camp experiences.


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In this course, students will learn vital business skills such as idea generation, market research, real-world problem solving, raising capital, and much more. During the week, the students will form their very own companies, develop a product or service, and create a business plan. In order to guide the students through this process, we will study actual business cases to highlight key aspects of how businesses operate. At the end of the week, students will present their business plans in an informative and creative way to the rest of the camp, similar to how they would actually pitch a business to potential investors. This course emphasizes learning-by-doing; therefore, all of the lectures and activities will be based on actual companies and their respective markets. Regardless of a student’s career aspirations, this course will teach them highly transferable skills that will aid them in whichever path they choose.

Communication Skills

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The ability to communicate effectively is critical to an individual's success in personal relationships, organizations, and in the world at large. In this course students will explore theory and practice of speech communication behavior in one-to-one, small group and public situations. Students will learn more about themselves, improve skills in communicating with others, and prepare and deliver formal public speeches. We will utilize a variety of activities and techniques to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and explore the elements that compose interpersonal communication. By strengthening communication skills during this course, students will be able to enhance relationships with others, have confidence when speaking in front of groups, and consistently deliver clear messages to their audience.

Computer Skills

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During the course, students will learn how to make websites from scratch. They will start right away with a project they are interested in. Each student can choose to work on their own or collaborate with others. The course will teach programming, graphic design and project management. It will introduce the web creation languages – HTML and CSS, as well as the programming language JavaScript. Drawing and image manipulation software will also be covered. By the end of the one week course, students can have their own website finished. Other topics covered may include: Tips for better computer usage, windows installation and configuration, and virus and identity protection.

Leadership Skills

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This course will explore different ideas and theories about leadership and the qualities a good leader must possess. It will also provide students with an understanding of decision-making processes, behavioral economics, and simple game theory in order to help them grasp how people interact and make decisions, and what strategies can be used to “nudge” human behavior.  Students will work in teams throughout the class and will have to develop solutions to both hypothetical and real world challenges that managers, policy makers, and world leaders often need to face. They will approach those problems by applying both the theoretical knowledge gained during the course, but also creativity and critical thinking. Students can expect to come away from the class with a better understanding of the qualities and ethics of good leadership, and with an idea of some of the trade-offs and limitations leaders face as they make decisions. By employing strategies and ideas seen in class, as well as their own, students will develop their problem solving skills, and will be provoked to think about how to tackle big and complicated challenges.

Creative Writing

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See differently. Think differently. Write better.

Words are the way we start to live differently. We use words to focus our attention and help us see the world in a completely new way. Creative Thinking becomes Creative Writing which becomes Creative Living. And we need this in our world more than any other skill. The course will begin by discussing the basic tools we use as writers: words, sentences, and paragraphs. There will also be extensive instruction on practices that help students generate interesting new material such as writing prompts, free writes, and other exercises. Then we will consider four different writing genres and examples of each. Every day will provide a chance to experiment with each one: poetry, short fiction, personal narrative, and journalism. On Friday, the student will present a special capstone piece of their own chosen theme and genre at the All Camp presentation.

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