Accommodation & Meals

All students, teachers and counsellors will be housed in a Skaptopara 2 Residence Hall of the American University in Bulgaria. Students will be mixed by nationalities in the rooms. Rooms have private bathrooms and refrigerators. Linen and towels will be changed every 4-5 days. Students will stay 2 per room according to a rooming list, prepared by the Camp Director. If you want to stay with a specific student in one room, please let the Camp Director know this in advance, preferably during the registration procedure. Laundry service may be available for additional payment.

No change of rooms will be allowed after students’ arrival at the camp.

Students should be in their assigned rooms at 10:30 p.m. and go to bed at 11:00 p.m. so that they are well rested to go to classes in the morning, and have enough energy for the sports and other camp activities. Smoking and drinking of alcohol are not allowed in the Residence Hall anywhere. Camp counselors will stay in the dormitories to take care of students’ safety, well being, and discipline.

The dormitories have day and night security service.

Students will have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the America for Bulgaria Student Center restaurant. Soups, cooked meals with meat (or vegetarian) as well as fresh salads and fruits will be served to the students on a daily basis.

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