Subject Tutors

Subject Tutors for the 2021/22 Academic Year

During the academic year, the Subject Tutors have office hours in the Learning Center in America for Bulgaria Student Center. Make an appointment here

The Fall 2021 Subject Tutor Schedule will be available shortly.

Yana Veitsman is a junior from Kazakhstan, majoring in Computer Science. 

“I believe that any person who uses programming in their job (whether it’s their primary occupation or just a skill) should understand the very basics of the subject in order to design the best solutions. For that purpose, C++ language is a perfect tool that combines all the necessary fundamentals. As a Subject tutor, I hope that I would be able to make these fundamentals accessible to everyone.”

Ivelina Markova is a junior from Bulgaria majoring in Political
Science and International Relations and tutoring German.

“I’ve always had a passion for German culture. I want to help other students experience it and let them see, hear and feel the charm of the German language.”

Ilana Gramatikova is a sophomore student from Bulgaria tutoring Spanish.

Violetta’s musicals motivated me to spend the summers memorizing words from novels in Spanish. The passion grew. Over the last few years, I have been exploring Spanish culture, Spanish literature, and the Spanish language. If you want to immerse yourself in this world, I am here to help you.”

Nino Kutubidze is a senior from Georgia majoring in Political Science and Journalism and Mass Communications. She is tutoring Statistics.  

"Politics and Statistics have nothing in common, but that does not change the fact that Statistics can explain some phenomena, even in politics. Statistics, likelihoods and probabilities mean everything to me and I want to help students better understand and explore the subject."

AUBG Subject Tutor Program Policy

  • To offer a quality resource of peer support
  • To offer student tutors an opportunity for skill development and resume building
  • To facilitate collaboration between our faculty, students and student affairs staff
Tutoring Types/Location 

The subject tutoring fields include (but are not limited to) accounting, business law, finance, languages, computer science, economics, math, etc.  Two types of tutoring exist on campus: 

  • One-on-one tutoring – offered by the tutors in the ABF Center
  • Classroom group tutorials - offered by tutors working for faculty members

The Learning Center’s Subject Tutors are compensated through the Advising Center’s budget. The Faculty Departments’ Tutors’ compensation and the textbooks they use are charged to the Instruction budget supervised by the Dean of Faculty.


The Subject Tutor Program starts at the beginning of the third week each semester and closes at the start of the last week of classes. The tutoring subjects and hours are announced at the beginning of the 3rd week on the Advising Center’s web site. Appointments with Tutors In order to receive quality tutoring service students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a tutor (and mention the topic(s) for discussion) at least one day in advance at    

Tutoring Sessions’ Duration

Normally a tutoring session (one-on-one or group) lasts up to one astronomic hour.  In group tutoring sessions, the tutor is welcome to leave for the day if nobody shows up within the first 15 minutes.


The Learning Center is trying to provide at least one copy of the textbooks in all tutored disciplines. Donations of textbooks from departments are always appreciated. 

Tutors’ Selection

Selection Criteria: The prospective tutor is an A student in the subject and whose academic integrity has not been questioned.

Selection Time: Professors recommend students to work as tutors in the Learning Center at the end of the school year (for the next academic year) or during the first two weeks of classes.  Professors who employ tutors for group tutorials are encouraged to inform the Advising Center Coordinator about the tutor’s name, discipline, hours, and location during the first two weeks of classes so that the information is included in the Subject Tutor Schedule. 

Tutors’ Training

The Learning Center’s tutors undergo training outlining specific responsibilities and customer service. 

Tutors’ Recognition

All Subject Tutors can be nominated (by peers, students, professors, staff) for the Outstanding Tutor Award. The award is given on a yearly basis to a tutor with an exceptional performance at the Honors Convocation. The award reflects the tutor’s knowledge, accessibility, and helpfulness as seen by other students and peer tutors. 


Tutors collect evaluation forms from visitors and maintain a visitor log for evaluation purposes.

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