Bulgarian Visa Procedure

Follow the steps below to ensure you receive your Bulgarian visa on time. Use the menus on your left for specific instructions depending on your student status and country of origin.

Read the specific visa information for your country and see what specific steps and rules apply.

Collect ALL documents required by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education as outlined in your visa letter. Send them to AUBG's International Student Services Office AT ONCE. 

After receiving ALL necessary documents from you, the International Student Services Office will process them and send them to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education will then issue the certificate you need for your visa application and send it to your email. This process takes AT LEAST TWO WEEKS.

AUBG will mail you a certificate, issued by  Registrars office which you will need for your application.

Once you have all the necessary documents (full list outlined in your visa letter), you can apply at the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate. It will take AT LEAST ONE MONTH until you get your visa and are able to travel.

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