Student Support Fund

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world – for better or for worse, we have yet to find out. What we know for sure is that only together we can successfully adapt to the new realities. All of us are dealing with the challenges of this unprecedented situation, but there is a vital group of our community – the students – who need us now more than ever.

More than 60% of current AUBG students rely heavily on the Work & Travel program to cover a large portion of their tuition expenses. With the uncertainty related to postponement or even cancellation of the WaT program this summer, the educational progress of a lot of AUBG-ers is in danger.

The Student Support Fund was established to help our students in need continue their education in the fall, by providing one-time financial aid of up to $1,500 per student for the 2020-2021 academic year. Apart from direct financial aid, we are also exploring various other opportunities to help our students support themselves, such as student loans under favorable conditions, employment and internship opportunities, on-campus and online assignments and so on.

The success of this project will result in our current students continuing their studies at AUBG without disruption. On a larger scale, joining our efforts towards this cause will once again prove the bond and strength of our community to overcome the crisis together, to remind ourselves how agile and resilient our community has always been and will continue to be, and to ensure the sustainability of our one-of-a-kind institution.

We cannot do this alone. But together we can. Let’s all take part, join forces and donate until June 30!

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