Student Loan Repayment for Alumni

January 2005 AUBG Board Resolution on Student Loans

January 30, 2005
Washington, D.C. Open Session (Excerpt)

#7.       Student Loan Collection. The Board of Trustees authorized the administration to take all necessary steps, including but not limited to: use of collection agencies, refinancing arrangements with commercial banks, factoring of receivables and, in selected cases, legal actions, to recover past due principle and interest on AUBG loans. 


October 2008 AUBG Board Resolution on Student Loans

October 5, 2008
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Open Session (Excerpt)

#5.      Student Loans. In fulfilling its fiduciary duty to its students - past, current, and future - the Board of Trustees of the American University in Bulgaria hereby instructs the administration to take all necessary measures to enforce the contractual provisions of AUBG-funded student loans and improve the aging of the portfolio.  All past due accounts should be processed for collection (through collection agencies, court filings or factoring) by the end of the fiscal year.

The Board of Trustees further recommends that a joint letter be sent by the Chair of the Board and the Presidents of AUBG and the AUBG Alumni Association to all outstanding accounts informing them of the Board's Resolution and the actions to be taken.


List of Alumni in past due loan status

Dear AUBG Alumni:

You can inquire as to the status of your student loan and we will send you the requested information. If you are past due on your loan (or you have received a notice from us that your loan is past due and believe there is an error), please contact us at (or the collection agency  that works on your case) to arrange a repayment plan or correct our records. AUBG will use all legally permissible methods to collect the past due amounts, including, but not limited to: use of collection agencies, factoring (selling the receivable to third parties) and legal proceedings.


AUBG-funded (Institutional) Student Loans   

Due to the underdeveloped banking sector at the time, prior to 2001 AUBG was lending money to its students in order to cover part of their educational expenses.  Between 1995 and 2001 there were different loan programs in effect.  The common between them all is that it is a contractual agreement between AUBG and the borrower, whereby AUBG agrees to lend a sum of money and the borrower agrees to repay it during certain period and under certain conditions. 

When you accept a student loan, you also undertake an obligation to repay it. This is a serious obligation, no different than securing a loan for a house or other major purchase.

Contrary to popular belief, default on a student loan is not ignored by colleges, banks, or the government. Extended default eventually can lead to prosecution. Whatever your circumstances, do not default on your loan, because if you do not make payments on time, your cosigner/guarantor will be required to make the payments. In case of default the AUBG will take all legally permissible actions against you and the guarantor to secure payment.  AUBG is committed to collect past due amounts. See the Board of Trustees resolutions on the subject above.

For several court decisions after lawsuits against graduates in default, follow the links below:

Holds of the academic transcripts release  

According to the AUBG policy if the borrower hasn't paid his/her student loan installments due, the borrower is not going to receive the required transcripts and diplomas until the obligation is cleared.

Methods of Payment

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