Student Campus Policies for Fall 2020

Campus-Wide Policies

AUBG is committed to protecting its students, faculty, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are implementing the following policies to minimize the risk of students transmitting the virus among members of the AUBG community. These policies override the Student Handbook’s other policies. The AUBG President can extend these policies to Spring 2021.

1. AUBG recommends that students who are returning to campus have a COVID-19 test the week before the semester starts. Students present the results of the test to the Health Center.

2. AUBG advises students to place themselves under self-isolation for two weeks before the start of the semester. Students should note whom they come into contact with during these two weeks. Students must advise the Health Center immediately if a person they came into contact with becomes infected with COVID-19.

3. Students must cover their nose and mouth in the public areas of AUBG buildings, including MB, BAC, ABF, and the residence halls. Face masks, face shields, and scarfs are appropriate, providing that students cover their nose and mouth. Students do not need to keep the nose and mouth covered in classrooms, but must have appropriate attire to do so if needed.

4. All student meetings of eleven or more attendees must take place online, including meetings of Student Government and student clubs.

5. Student clubs can hold on-ground meetings with eleven or more attendees, when physical interaction is essential, such as sports clubs and theater groups. These groups must maintain a Canvas record of who attended their meetings with the date and time of the meetings. The Dean of Students grants permission for these groups to hold on-ground meetings. The Dean of Students recommend to these students that they visit the Health Center for monthly COVID-19 tests.

6. Extracurricular gatherings are limited to a maximum of ten attendees except where the AUBG President grants special permission for larger gatherings. The event’s organizer must have protocols in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The Health Center must approve these protocols before the AUBG President grants permission.

7. AUBG encourages students to avoid public transport.

8. The Student Conduct Council takes disciplinary action against students who violate these policies.

Housing Policies

These policies apply for Fall 2020. The AUBG President can extend these policies to Spring 2021. This section’s policies override the Student Handbook’s other policies.

1. Students are required to live on campus unless they are at elevated risk from COVID-19 or cannot return to campus because of visa problems or border restrictions. Students with health issues should contact the Health Center for permission to live off-campus. The Health Center notifies Residence Life and Housing that it has granted students permission.

2. Students must designate two trusted friends whom they grant permission to shift their belongings into storage should they be unable to do so themselves.

3. For AUBG’s policy on housing fee refunds, see the Refund Policy.

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