AUBG Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Process Description of "The 2020 Vision" Strategic Plan

  • Review of Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015
  • Gather input from all stakeholders
  • Review mission and vision, clarify values
  • Identify the basic issues driving our planning – enrollment numbers, scholarship dollars, what are our major competitors, etc.
  • Community survey conducted among faculty, staff, students, alumni, Board and University Council to gather feedback on the stakeholders’ image of key priorities for the institution
  • Set priority areas and specify a few particular goals for each of the priority areas
  • Do gap analysis between where we currently are and our aspirations –where are we now? Where do we want to be in five years? What will it take to get there? What will happen if we don’t make it? – review market opportunities and threats, determine strengths and weaknesses, look into the available resources and projections for the next five-year period
  • Identify the strategies and timelines for the action steps
  • Set an implementation progress monitoring mechanism
  • Link the annual budgets with the new Strategic Plan, make adjustments if necessary
  • Communicate the Strategic Plan to the entire organization

In the period January - March 2015, the leadership team reviewed the previous Strategic Plan. There is a consensus that the new document should not be as all-encompassing. The need of mechanisms to evaluate its implementation throughout the period and update the strategy at least once in the middle of the period should be kept in mind. A Planning Committee consisting of staff and faculty members was formed to help structure the process.

Three introductory discussion sessions with faculty and staff took place in April to talk about general directions and define basic expectations of the different stakeholder groups regarding the style of writing and scope of the project. At the meetings, President Aspegren elaborated on five general themes as his proposal for key areas to be covered by the next Strategic Plan: integration of values, academic excellence, development, admissions, and campus experience. During the sessions, the President gathered feedback from a large number of attendees, as well as invited feedback in writing by May 7.

Department meetings to discuss accomplishments and needs already incur with the participation of the leadership team. The leadership team held dedicated meetings, as well, to evaluate some key strategic parameters.

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