Staff Policies for AY 20/21

Temporary Staff Policies for AY 20/21

Last updated October 2020

Може да прочетете временните политиките на български език тук

AUBG is committed to protecting its students, faculty, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are implementing the following policies for AY 20/21 to minimize the risk of staff transmitting the virus. 

1. Students, faculty, and staff should communicate with AUBG offices via email, telephone, and Zoom/Skype.

In-person visits should be avoided. If an in-person visit cannot be avoided, the time of the visit should be pre-arranged via email or telephone with sufficient advance notice.

The persons visiting the respective office should wear facemasks.

No more than one person at a time can be admitted to a particular office.

Physical distancing should be observed at all times.

2. AUBG recommends that staff have themselves tested for COVID-19 the week before the start of the fall semester. Staff should present the results of the test to the Health Center. Staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 should not come to the campus and should inform the Health Center by telephone or email.

3. Staff is required to check their temperature daily when they enter the MB, ABF, BAC, Elieff Center, and the residence halls. Staff with an elevated temperature must report to the Health Center and are not permitted to continue with their duties until the Health Center has cleared them.

4. Staff is required to sanitize their hands upon entering the MB, ABF, BAC, and Elieff Center. Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrances.

Prior to the start of the fall semester, all offices will be supplied with hand sanitizers, gloves, facemasks, disinfectant sprays for surface cleaning.

The cleaning staff will regularly clean all offices.

5. Staff must cover their nose and mouth in the public areas of AUBG buildings, including MB, BAC, ABF, and the residence halls. Face masks, face shields, and scarfs are appropriate, providing that staff cover their nose and mouth.

6. AUBG employees may work remotely provided that:

  • They have obtained their manager’s[1] prior written approval (via email);
  • It is practically possible for them to perform their duties remotely;
  • They remain reachable by phone and/or email during normal working hours.

Managers may introduce flexible working arrangements for their staff. A timetable indicating the time when staff will be available at AUBG and the time they will be working remotely shall be placed on the door of the respective office or another visible place.

Managers have the responsibility to inform the President’s Office, the Office of VP Finance & Administration, and the HR office about the flexible working arrangements that they have introduced.

7. Staff meetings should be held virtually through Zoom or other permitted electronic means (please consult with OCC if you need to use a special type of electronic application). If a physical meeting involving more than eleven (11) people is required, the organizer of the meeting should develop a special protocol for the meeting to ensure that the appropriate health and safety standards are observed. AUBG’s medical doctor should approve the protocol in advance of the meeting.

8. Documents should be exchanged electronically (as scanned copies attached to email). If this is not possible, documents should be exchanged via internal and external mail or via the special arrangements introduced by the respective offices.

9. The Purchasing Office will only process purchasing requests submitted via the online portal and after all necessary approvals have been provided. Emails will be sent to the requester with information on when and how to receive the items that have been ordered.

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