Special Arrangements for AY 20/21

President’s Office

Last updated October 2020

Meeting with the President should be held via Zoom and should be arranged in advance through the President’s Assistant at vzankova@aubg.edu or +359 73 888 307.

In-person visits to the President’s Office should be avoided. If an in-person visit is required, it should be pre-arranged in advance through the President’s Assistant. Visitors should wear facemasks.

Documents that require the President’s signature should be placed in an envelope and left in the box labeled “Inbox” that will be located by the entrance of the President’s office. Please write down your name, telephone, and email address on the envelope. The President’s Assistant will notify you by email or telephone when the President has signed the document and will advise on when and how the document can be collected.

Office of Communications and Computing (OCC)

Students, faculty, and staff should communicate with OCC via electronic channels, Safe contact points (established in front of MB OCC Room 118, BAC OCC Room 328), or telephone. In-person visits should be avoided. During physical interaction, all anti-pandemic measures and protocols should be strictly followed including keeping social distance. Assistance can and will be suspended if one of the participants does not follow anti-pandemic protocols.

To ensure OCC assistance please use these information channels:

1. AUBG Trouble ticket system: https://app.aubg.bg/ithelp/index.php

2. Write an e-mail to ITHelp@aubg.edu

3. Telephone call: Main building +359 73 888300; Balkanski Academic Center +359 73 888500 (for convenience safe contact point (PC, phone, and disinfectants) is established in front of MB OCC Room 118 and BAC OCC Room 328).

4. Personal visit – it should be arranged in advance via electronic channels. Emergency IT assistance – can be requested via electronic channels. If this is not possible, safe contact points should be used.

Specific OCC tasks and activities related to serving students and faculty.

1. JMC equipment located at MB OCC Room 118.

On-line system for using JMC equipment is available here:


Request to borrow or return the equipment should be handled via electronic system only. The exchange of the equipment should be only trough MB Room 118 safe contact point. All other regulations for using AUBG JMC equipment are the same.

2. Assisting students and faculty in connecting their private devices to AUBG IT infrastructure (Wi-Fi and wired).

This activity is very intensive at the beginning of every semester. All participants of the process should follow anti-pandemic protocols. All assistance should be remote by using prepared manuals and instructions. Physical visits to OCC offices should be avoided.

3. Requesting in-class assistance

Such assistance should be requested by using electronic channels or Safe contact points.

Dining Facilities

Visitors to the canteen and AUBG cafes are advised to observe physical distancing with staff and other visitors (at least 1.5 meters from staff and the other customers should be maintained at all times). Visitors should wear a face mask at all times, except while consuming food or drinks. 


Visitors should wear a facemask and maintain physical distance at all times while in the bookstore. 

Student Services Offices

All documents issued by Student Services Offices must be requested by email and can be picked up from the outgoing mailbox at the Student Services Front Desk. The documents will be in an envelope with the name of the recipient. Students will be notified by email when the document is ready for collection.

All documents that require a signature by Student Services Offices should be left in the incoming mailbox at the Student Services Front Desk. Please inform the Student Services Offices in advance via email. Signed documents can be collected from the outgoing mailbox at the Student Services Front Desk. The documents will be in an envelope with the name of the recipient. Students will be notified by email when the document is ready for collection.

Each office will offer regular online consultations and the schedule will be posted outside the Student Services Department and on the Facebook page of the respective office.

For information regarding Bulgarian ID cards for international students, please refer to aubg.edu/students/visa-and-bulgarian-id.


Special arrangements regarding the use of the Library Facilities will be available on aubg.edu/library.

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