And the winners are:

Grand PrixA free summer English language course at the Language Center of the American University in Bulgaria goes to Antoana Bakalova.

First Prize - visit to the AUBG Open House goes to YSMERAI and PETYA BIEBER.

Second Prize - VR headset goes to dimo_r.

Third Prize - a backpack for new adventures goes to Mihailow.

Fourth Prize - 20 branded T-shirts of the American University in Bulgaria go to: Antonina, p3ttya_, Gaby, Joana Maluta, Симона Караджова, Sofiya, Данката, Alesia, Teodora Yosifova, Даянна Пантелеева, Elina, kristiyannaydenov, Izabel Bakardjieva, Cvetina Petrova, Octavian Halici, Donald Lena, Нати К., Mariya <3, Pavel Hristov, Monika Marinova.

Why solve tests to prove how SMART you are?

There is a cooler way to do so – #AUBGSmartChallenge on Snapchat!

Things get even more intriguing, because the SMART postings take part in a game for the prizes of the American University in Bulgaria!

The countdown has begun.

Do something the SMART way and play for a prize!

But for a start get acquainted with and follow the rules of #AUBGSmartChallenge!

The prizes are worth it!


From: October 27, 2017

Organized by:

The Voice and the American University in Bulgaria

Right to take part:

The game is open for students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades in schools across Bulgaria.

How to join:

Step 1: Shoot a video or take a photo on Snapchat showing how SMART you are.

Step 2: Send as a snap to in Snapchat and share in public on Facebook with a hashtag #AUBGSmartChallenge.

Span of the game:

From October 23 till 23:59 h on December 3, 2017


The total number of prizes is 25


Grand Prix - A free summer English language course at the Language Center of the American University in Bulgaria including accommodation for one night on the AUBG campus. You can choose the most suitable course for you at Apart from improving your English you will make many friends too. The AUBG English Language Center has been a leader in language learning in Southeast Europe for 25 years now.

First Prize - two winners: visit to the AUBG Open House

Second Prize - one winner: VR Headset

Third Prize - one winner: a backpack for new adventures

Fourth Prize - 20 winners: a branded T-shirt of the American University in Bulgaria


Awarding and reception of prizes:

Winners will be selected by drawing lots at The Voice on December 3 and will be notified by e-mail, phone or via Facebook so as to specify the most convenient way of receiving the prize.

The list with winners will be published on the AUBG website.

The winner shall not transfer his/her prize to anyone else. For the prizes “A Course at the Language Center of AUBG” and “A Visit to the Open House Day on 18 November at AUBG” the winners should certify that they are students in the above mentioned grades by producing a student’s ID card.


The Participants are responsible for the copyright of material they publish. Material violating copyright of third parties shall not be admitted. Material using hate speech and material with obscene or offensive content shall be disqualified. The Organizers shall not be held responsible for any material or health damage arising from participation in the contest or from the use of prizes received in it.

The Participants release fully the Organizers and Snap Inc. from responsibility, as well as from any claims and disputes arising in connection with the contest.

This contest is not organized, sponsored, administrated or connected in any way with Snap Inc.

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