Skaptopara II

Skaptopara II Residence Hall is one of the three dormitories, which offers comfortable housing for AUBG students. The residence halls include a smoke-free environment and are disability accessible. All of them are secured 24 hours with a security guard. We have common areas where you can either study or rest along with your friends. In case you need anything, you can always go to the reception desk and ask a friendly Resident Assistant for help. Resident Assistants are students who assist fellow students with living in the dorms. They are highly-motivated, highly-trained individuals who will help anyone feel at home on our campus.

Average Room Size
19 sq. m.
Room Type
Double rooms with own bathroom
Rooms in apartments where two double rooms share common bathroom
Single rooms with own bathroom
Computer Room
Located on the ground floor; it is open 24/7
Conveniently located in the basement of the facility
Coffee Machines
A coffee machine located on the ground floor
Sports Facilities
An aerobics room and a gym to help students keep healthy soul in a healthy body
TV Lounges
Science lab

Resident assistants

  • Bilhen Sali

    Bilhen Sali

    Room: 2521
  • Eva Yordanova

    Eva Yordanova

    Room: 2221
  • Flavia Canci

    Flavia Canci

    Room: 2207
  • Irdi Duka

    Irdi Duka

    Room: 2407
  • Lina Chakarova

    Lina Chakarova

    Room: 2107
  • Luka Gotsiridze

    Luka Gotsiridze

    Room: 2233
  • Lyuben Zarev - Senior RA

    Lyuben Zarev - Senior RA

    Room: 2320
  • Medea Cabej

    Medea Cabej

    Room: 2330
  • Mladen Pecakovski

    Mladen Pecakovski

    Room: 2130
  • Nadezhda Dimitrova

    Nadezhda Dimitrova

    Room: 2247
  • Nikola Stanimirov

    Nikola Stanimirov

    Room: 2347
  • Oraz Kereibayev

    Oraz Kereibayev

    Room: 2307
  • Radoslav Naydenov

    Radoslav Naydenov

    Room: 2147
  • Alexander Chernev

    Alexander Chernev

    Room: 2407
  • Megi Stoyanova

    Megi Stoyanova

    Room: 2207
  • Armela Gjylsheni

    Armela Gjylsheni

    Room: 2330
  • Tuguldur Batjargar

    Tuguldur Batjargar

    Room: 2432
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