Residence Halls Policies for Spring '22

With effect from April 8, 2022

1. Study and Housing Status

During the hybrid Spring’22 semester, students can choose to live on- or off-campus and must declare their preferred study and housing mode by Tuesday, January 11, at 8 a.m. (EST). Once they have selected their preferred housing, students will not be able to change their choice later.

2. Belongings

Students who must move their belongings into or out of the residence hall storage rooms and are unable to do so themselves, should designate two on-campus trusted persons to who they grant permission. They must send an email with the names of their trusted persons to Residence Life in advance.

3. Housing fee refunds

For AUBG’s policy on housing fee refunds, see the Refund Policies.

4. Residence Halls Mask Policies

Face masks are not required in the public areas of all Residence Halls. 

5. Rehearsals, trainings, meetings, and celebrations may take place in the residence halls. 

6. Non-residents in the Residence Halls

Off-campus AUBG students may enter the residence halls with their AUBG ID cards.

Non-AUBGers (guests) must be registered at the Front Desk in order to enter the residence halls. Non-registered guests will be fined.

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