Residence Halls Policies for Spring '22

Last updated: January 11, 2022

AUBG is committed to protecting its students, faculty, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are implementing pandemic-related Spring '22 Campus Policies to minimize the risk of students transmitting the virus among members of the AUBG community. AUBG reserves the right to modify its Campus Policies if the mode of the semester changes and/or if the COVID-19 regulations by the Bulgarian Health and Educational Authorities require us to do so.

These policies override the regular-semester policies in the Student Handbook. Students who violate these policies will be warned, fined, and may be brought to the Student Conduct Council which will take disciplinary action against the violators. Penalty procedures for Housing Policies violations are described below.

1. Study and Housing Status

During the hybrid Spring’22 semester, students can choose to live on- or off-campus and must declare their preferred study and housing mode by Tuesday, January 11, at 8 a.m. (EST). Once they have selected their preferred housing, students will not be able to change their choice later.

2. Check-in and belongings

New students are expected to check in the residence halls on Jan 10-11. Returning students can check-in no earlier than Jan 14. Students who cannot arrive on campus within the given period because of visa or severe transportation problems, border restrictions or other issues, and students who absolutely need to enter the campus earlier than mentioned above, please email Residence Life with your legitimate reason.

Students who must move their belongings into or out of the residence hall storage rooms and are unable to do so themselves, should designate two on-campus trusted persons to who they grant permission. They must send an email with the names of their trusted persons to Residence Life in advance.

3. Housing fee refunds

For AUBG’s policy on housing fee refunds, see the Refund Policies .

4. Residence Halls Mask Policies

Face masks are required in the public areas of all Residence Halls. Any space in the Residence Halls which is not a room, apartment, kitchen or balcony is treated as a public area.

The first violation for not wearing a mask in an indoor public area will be penalized with a first warning. A first subsequent violation will be fined $25 and a second warning, a second subsequent fine is $100 and may result in the last warning. Any subsequent violation after the second may lead to a Conduct Council case and a residence hall ban without a refund.

5. Room Caps

Residence Hall apartments may accommodate max. 4 residents per apartment as visitors, Residence Hall rooms may accommodate max. 2 residents as visitors per room.

Residence Hall lobbies and study rooms may accommodate max. 4 residents. An exception to this rule are Residence Hall Reception lobbies which may be used only to pass through. All residence Hall lobbies are considered public spaces.

Residence Hall kitchens may accommodate max. 2 residents. No masks are required in the kitchens unless one of the users explicitly asks the other to have a masks on as well.

Piano rooms may accommodate max. 1 resident or guest with a special permission (see Campus Policies pt. 6. 3, and Housing Policies pt.7)

Large Residence Hall balconies may accommodate max. 8 residents. Small balconies may accommodate max. 4 residents.

6. Non-residents in the Residence Halls

No guests are allowed in the Residence Halls. The fine for violation is $50 and a warning. The first subsequent violation fine is $100 and a second warning. A second subsequent violation may lead to a Conduct Council case and a residence hall ban without a refund.

Upon arrival and check-in, no more than one person will be allowed to accompany a student to their room to help with luggage. The accompanying person must follow all COVID-19 related measures (mask, disinfection, etc.) in addition to the general housing rules.

Off-campus students who are clients of the Counseling Center may enter the Residence Halls after a preliminary agreement with the AUBG Psychologist .

Rehearsals and trainings may happen in the designated spaces of the residence halls (e.g. fitness room, piano room) and off-campus club members may attend these only after a special permission (see Student Events in Student, Faculty, and Staff Events Policies).

Off-campus students taking AUBG Applied Music classes will be allowed to rehearse in the piano rooms.

7. Student Events in the Residence Halls

No meetings or events other than the described in pt. 6 may take place in the residence halls. In case of violation of the safety protocols of the Residence Halls, the permission to hold on-ground rehearsals and trainings of student groups anywhere on campus will be revoked immediately. AUBG may penalize student clubs for violating safety protocols by banning on-ground meetings, rehearsals, and trainings until the end of the

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