AUBG Scores Traditionally High in the Bulgarian University Rankings 2020

AUBG Scores Traditionally High in the Bulgarian University Rankings 2020

Once again, all five evaluated disciplines at AUBG hold leading positions in the Bulgarian University Rankings. Business Administration is ranked number one in the country and Journalism and Mass Communication shares first place with Sofia University. Politics & International Relations and European Studies, Computer Science & Information Systems and Economics* take second place.

“I would like to thank our exceptional professors here at AUBG who make this success possible every year,” said AUBG Interim President Dr. David Evans. “Especially during these difficult past few months, you proved that – beyond your in-depth expertise and knowledge in your fields – you also have unwavering dedication to your students and great commitment to AUBG.”

He also acknowledged the AUBG students for their hard work and dedication in and outside the classroom and the staff members “who went out of their way in 2020 to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted academic process during unprecedented and difficult times.” The rankings that were released Nov. 12 also show that AUBG reserves the first spot in the “Prestige” and “Highest income & lowest unemployment rate” indicators for four out of the five disciplines (BUS, ECO, POS and JMC) and is number one in “Welfare and administrative services” in all five disciplines. 

The Bulgarian University Ranking System aims to support education service users in their choice of university. It ranks 52 universities in Bulgaria that offer education in a variety of majors grouped into professional fields. The ranking system compares academic disciplines in Bulgarian-accredited higher education institutions. It takes into account more than 100 indicators, including teaching and learning, university environment, welfare and administrative services, science and research, prestige, career development, relevance to the labor market and regional engagement. 

*Administration & Management = Business Administration

Public Communications & Information System = Journalism and Mass Communication 

Political Science = Political Science and International Relations; European Studies 

Informatics & Computer Science = Computer Science; Information Systems

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