AUBG Tops Bulgaria’s University Ranking

AUBG Tops Bulgaria’s University Rankings 2018

The American University in Bulgaria has scored an all-time high in the eight edition of the Bulgarian University Rankings. The results released on Dec. 20 2018 show all five evaluated AUBG disciplines at leading positions, with four out of five rated as number 1 in the country.

The Bulgarian University Ranking System has been developed to support education service users in their choice of university. The 2018 updated version of the system contains information on 51 universities in Bulgaria that offer education in a variety of majors grouped into 52 professional fields.

Business Administration, Economics, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Political Science and International Relations have been rated as the best in the country. Computer Science earned second place among 12 schools across Bulgaria, second only to the competitive program of Sofia University.  

The 2018 result has been the best for AUBG since the ranking system exists. AUBG is indisputable leader based on several important indicators as well. The university scores 0 percent alumni unemployment in three of the disciplines (Computer Science, Journalism and Mass Communication and Political Science and International Relations) and the highest average salaries in the country in four of the disciplines (Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Science and International Relations and Economics).

AUBG is also first in all five disciplines in terms of prestige, welfare and administrative services, career relevance to the labor market and regional importance.

Bulgaria’s university ranking system compares academic disciplines in Bulgarian-accredited higher education institutions. The system ranks programs based on more than 100 indicators, including teaching and learning, university environment, welfare and administrative services, science and research, prestige, career development, relevance to the labor market and regional engagement.

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