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A Few Words about the
Online Intermediate-to-advanced-level English & General Education QuestTest

No one likes tests, not even teachers. But in life, we pass tests all the time, so no fuss!

The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is looking for students with upper-intermediate or higher English language proficiency (min. end of B1) and
knowledge and skills acquired in General Education (GenEd) disciplines. It consists of a vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension English Section and a GenEd Section with questions stemming from the Humanities, the Social, and the Natural Sciences.

Read the information below and show us how good you are with English and GenEds when you get the QuestTest!

WHAT you’ll get at the QuestTest:   

  • 40 English vocabulary and grammar from lower-intermediate to advanced level multiple-choice questions;
  • 10 English reading comprehension multiple choice questions;
  • 10 Gen Ed-based multiple-choice questions from the fields of e.g. Arts, Biology & Environmental Science, Computer Science, History, Literature, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Philosophy & Religion, Psychology, or Sociology & Political Science).

HOW to take the QuestTest:

  • After the Round 1 application deadline, you’ll receive an e-mail with a password and detailed instructions on how to take the QuestTest online.
  • You’ll have to take the test within 5 working days from receiving the password.
  • You must complete the QuestTest test in one sitting. 

Until then, stay in tune and in love with English & General Education.

10 ENGLISH QuestTest Sample Questions

Answer Key to the 10 ENGLISH QuestTest Sample Questions

10 GenEd QuestTest Sample Questions

Answer Key to the 10 GenEd QuestTest Sample Questions

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