QuestCV Guide

A 2-minute Creative Video QuestCV Guide: Tips & Tricks

We bet you are a little anxious about this part of the application process, but do not worry. The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is not looking for the best monologue or the highest professional-quality video. What we are looking for is personality, creativity, intelligence, correct English, and a WOW factor. Follow these pieces of advice, and show us who you are and what you are capable of:

CONTENT-related Tips 

Who are you? What can you do?
Tell us about yourself in a creative way. Share any events in your life and any achievements you are proud of. Demonstrate your talents and skills.

How much do you want the world to know about you?
Generate video content that you would not feel ashamed of, if it goes viral.

What do you want to say?                                                                             Plan before you stand in front of the camera. Writing your ideas ahead of time encourages intention, clarity, and confidence.

How do you want to sound?
Be natural but avoid excessive “ums” and “likes” when speaking.

FORMAT-related Tricks 
  • Record the video with your (or your friend’s) phone or camera. Remember: high-tech alone doesn’t make a movie better. 
  • Fit in the two-minute time frame. We don’t watch longer videos.
  • Use English. We absolutely need to hear your oral communication skills in English. Written English text may come in addition. Use other languages only with a purpose.
  • Speak loud enough and reduce or eliminate background noise. We want to hear you. 
  • Consider the light – not too dark, not too bright. We want to see what you choose to show us. 
  • Don’t look away from the camera. Eye contact is important when communicating.
  • Avoid having the camera pointing up to your nose. 
  • Edit your video, if necessary. There is plenty of free video editing software to use.
  • Save the final version following the sample name: AUBG MultiTalent QuestVideo 2020. If you’d like, you can include your name.
SHARE-with-us Tips & Tricks 
  • Make yourself a YouTube account or use an existing one, yours or your friend’s.
  • Upload your video to the YouTube account of your choice. You may use public or unlisted video privacy settings. If you choose “unlisted”, only those who you send the link to it can view it.
  • Copy the video URL by right-clicking on the YouTube video and choosing “Copy Video URL”. 
  • Paste the copied URL into your QuestForm. 

Need more instructions?

We have none. Creativity knows no (further) bounds.

Get off the page now and get yourself into the limelight.

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