Round 2 Jury

Head of Round 1 Jury

Sabina A. Wien :

3 words: a Quester at heart

I love conversations but I can't do small talk. I'm keen on interpreting meaning but I'm bad at making sense of the modern world. I enjoy the company of AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius people but I won’t decline the company of an espresso, good books, and good music. 

I work as an Adjunct Instructor in the Modern Languages and Arts Department at AUBG, but I'm better known as the "extra-curriculum activities professor". I'm the fond faculty advisor to the "Better Community Club," but I also find pleasure in singing in the Female Folklore Ensemble "Svetlina," and have (successfully:-) taken part in the AUBG Musicals "Moulin Rouge" and "Spring Awakening". And guess what: I won the “Lifetime Achievement” (2011) and “Coolest Non-Student” (2018) More Honors Academy Awards!

Message to the Questers: All the world’s a stage? So be the playwright, the director, and the actor.

Round 2 Chief Judges

CharisMATHic Analysis:

Stefan Ivanov (‘17)

3 words: Absolute MAD LAD

A generalist in the truest sense and an incorporator of extremes: the 4.00 GPA valedictorian with the 4 consecutive AUBG Olympics powerlifting championship titles; an R&D engineer at Chaos Group, but also a director at the AUBG Alumni Association; a geek for anything technical but a charismatic smooth operator at heart, both according to More Honors; lone wolf for most challenges, yet the founder of the team-centered innovation club - The Hub.
Above all, a lover of abstract mathematics and its inception to the mortal realm: he has a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.

Message to Questers: This quote, its analysis and profound connection to success, is left as an exercise to the reader - just like most things in life, you have to work for it.

Social Challenge Hack

Yavor Kiryakov  (‘12)

3 words: try, fail, repeat

Devoted to bettering the education of future generations through creativity and exploration. Loves to organize people for educational causes. A social entrepreneur, who believes that without better education, there is no better tomorrow. An optimist about the future of humankind!

Message to Questers: Follow your dreams. Dare to be free!

DEBATE, don’t hate

Petar Svarc (‘02)

Dad, husband, fan of things digital/useful/pleasant, making/consuming music/theatre/film, traveler, fighting aged lower lumbar through sports. AUBG class of ‘02 and partner in an alumni-founded software company.

Message to Questers: Step up and do something you’ll regret more if you don’t.

ARTS on the Spot:

Sonya Volkhonskaya ('14)

3 words: never too late

Sometimes I watch life in slow-mo, other times I run it to a 180 bps soundtrack. I’ve lived on different continents, I’ve learnt different languages, I’ve made very different friends, and all of this has only made me realize that all I want is more of that. So, I’m currently on a QUEST for “more”. As per the current state of affairs, I’ve found it in videography, oceans, guitar, musicals, languages, plane tickets and AUBG. I think I might be chasing that particular state of mind and soul I get when I’m in a plane right as it accelerates along the runway before takeoff, and I’m blasting “Defying Gravity” from Wicked in my headphones. You should try it.

Message to the Questers: Try. Then tell the stories.

In the SPORTlight

Venelina Miteva (‘13)

Colorful, creative and energetic. I can’t stay in one place, I shouldn’t do just one thing and I mustn’t be underestimated. Sports and travel are my passions, but highly likely to be accompanied by friends, good books and exotic foods.

Message to Questers: Oh Wells’ are always better than ‘What Ifs’.

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