Round 1 Jury

Head of Round 1 Jury

Sabina A. Wien (AUBG Professor and English Language Institute at AUBG Director, Co-founder of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest)

3 words: A Quester at heart

I love conversations but I can't do small talk. I'm keen on interpreting meaning but I'm bad at making sense of the modern world. I enjoy the company of AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius people but I won’t decline the company of espresso, good books and good music. At AUBG, I teach languages and I mentor language instructors. I'm the fond faculty advisor of the Better Community Club, the Female Folklore Ensemble "Svetlina" the AUBG Broadway Performance Club. I proudly and humbly own two More Honors Academy Awards for “Lifetime Achievement” (2011) and “Coolest Non-Student” (2018)! I see myself as the "extra-curriculum professor" but they call me “the QuestMama”.

Message to the Questers: “All the world’s a stage?” So be the playwright, the director, and the actor. Just don’t be their Mama…

Round 1 Jury Members

Arta Berisha (AUBG Professor and journalist)

Three words: Let's be critical. 

"Journalism is a lifestyle" you believe in an occupation that becomes your lifestyle, something that keeps you engaged and responsible 24/7? At AUBG, I teach Communication, media, and society and being a journalist for a long time, I dedicate a considerable part of my time to the enterprise the democracy absolutely requires–journalism. However, the part that I enjoy the most in my classes is when students take on the discussion floor. 

Besides work, I am a fan of Elif Shafak, and the entire wintertime I await desperately for the sun to come out so I can have my coffee outdoors in the sunlight while reading one of her books.

Message to questers: Shoot for the moon; even if you miss it, you will land among the stars. Trust me!

Dimana Doneva (AUBG Alumna, Class of 2014, Senior Editor and Marketing Content Specialist at AUBG)

3 words: Grab your chance!

I love hiking, traveling, reading and coffee. I also love AUBG! Not only did I graduate from the university in 2014, but I also work there as a senior editor and am about to graduate from the university's EMBA Program this month.  

Message to the Questers: The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is a wonderful opportunity to test your skills, acquire new knowledge and win recognition and amazing prizes. But it is not just that: it is also a chance to experience the unique AUBG spirit first-hand and make friendships for life. So, go ahead and grab your chance!

Ivan Asen Enchev (AUBG Student, Class of 2022, AUBG MultiTalent Quest Core Organizing Team)

3 words: Energetic, motivated, maverick

I am a junior with tons of experience from traveling the world. I am passionate about camping, going on adventures and living life at its fullest! I also happen to have a very distinguishable British accent. I am double majoring in Business Administration and Psychology. I am looking forward to seeing you in person and experiencing AUBG through your eyes!

Message to the Questers:  Act accordingly. Never allow the problems of tomorrow to determine your answers today.

Martin Georgiev (AUBG Alum, Class of 2016, Communication Development Specialist at AUBG)

I wanted to be an architect until my relationship with math fell through and I got hooked on other liberal arts. Now, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from AUBG, I create content for the university and try to make sure things around campus look pretty. I spent four years doing musicals (even produced one) for a total of about three and a half minutes on stage. 

Message to the Questers: "A quest is not a competition, it's a getting together for an adventure."

Samantha Harvey (AUBG Exchange Alumna, AUBG Admissions Counselor)

3 words: Curious. Empathetic. Clumsy :) 

I'm Samantha or Sam for short. I recently moved from my hometown of Lizemores, WV to Bulgaria in order to join AUBG's Admissions Team! Back in the States, I studied Cultural Anthropology and Women’s Studies at Marshall University where I developed the desire to experience other lifestyles. Cue my move to Bulgaria! Now, I truly believe the most rewarding part of my week is helping students plan for the future by sharing their accomplishments and aspirations. In my free time, I travel with my two cats while fueling my addiction to audiobooks and coffee! 

Message to the Questers: “Take this time to explore your entire self at this moment--you’ll not be the same later.”

Viktor Kastrev (AUBG Admissions Database Manager, AUBG MultiTalent Quest Core Organizing Team)

3 words: Create; Improve, Repeat

I am good at implementing new ideas into practice. A little bit of a geek, coffee guru, a young people supporter, always open to new ideas or just making crazy things. 

Message to the Questers: Looking forward to seeing your ideas, talents, and MultiQuestability. Impress the world, now is your showtime!

Nikol Manoleva (Student, Class of 2022, AUBG MultiTalent
Quest Core Organizing Team)

3 words: Adventurous, Positive, Talkative

I am an AUBG junior, who was a 2017 Quest-participant. My majors are Political Science and Psychology, but I also have a particular interest in Criminology. I love challenging myself – bungee jumping, hitchhiking or enrolling in a puzzle solving competition – I am up for it!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you, MultiTalents!

Message to the Questers: “It is easy to let your competitive spirit lead you throughout the Quest… But don’t forget that at the end of the day you should also have fun! The Quest creates a unique atmosphere of creativity, friendship and competition - all at once, so it’s up to you to multitask with every aspect of it.”

Mustafa Ramadan (AUBG Alum, Class of 2019, Co-founder of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest)

3 words:  Adventurous, witty, exuberant 

Most of the times I go by Musi, rarely you can hear me introducing myself as Mustafa. I am a recent AUBG alumnus, who proudly holds a diploma in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Journalism and Mass Communication. Right now, I am a Program Manager at Arete Youth Foundation, where I work with youngsters from the Roma community, motivating them to continue their education and developing their leadership skills. Often I can be found either attending or organizing educational events. While being at AUBG I had the honor to be part of two of the major clubs at the university, the AUBG Business Club and TEDxAUBG, which I was consequently the President and the Vice President of. In my spare time, I love traveling and taking breathtaking photos. If you ask me which is my all-time favorite book, I will answer: “A Series of Unfortunate Events”  by Lemony Snicket.

P.S. Hi!

Message to the Questers: “You can. You should. And if you start, you will.”

Kliment Stamenkov (AUBG Student, Class of 2023, AUBG MultiTalent Quest Core Organizing Team)

3 words: Persistent, meticulous, optimistic.

I'm Kliment, a hardworking student pursuing Computer Science and Business Administration at AUBG. I love having fun with friends, and that's why I've been part of the MultiTalent Quest, TEDxAUBG, Sustainability Club, and even the Resident Assistant team. But the MTQ is special, because it introduces you to so many new and talented people, and I can't wait to be part of the next MTQ edition!

Message to the Questers:  Don't be shy to show off what you got - we love seeing your special talents. Go into the Quest with a mission to make friends and memories, and you'll be the true winner!

Georgi Iliev-Starcheto (AUBG Alum)

I've done theatre, television, and books in Los Angeles and Bulgaria. My novels are cinematic, my song lyrics are narrative, my screenplays are complex math formulas. A multidimensional world is a much more interesting place to live in - so multitalent on, MultiTalents!

Message to the Questers: "A quest is not a competition, it's a getting together for an adventure."

Deyan Vassilev, (AUBG Alum, Class of 1995, Director at Large of AAA, Co-founder of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest)

3 words: A contagiously enthusiastic positivist

Entrepreneur, founder and Executive Director of - a leading financial comparison portal in Bulgaria. While a student at AUBG, I used to play in the basketball team (a strong reserve!), accompany talented singers on the piano, even participated in a theater play and was elected 3-times President of Student Government. While in high school, I wished that something like the AUBG MultiTalent Quest existed so that I could participate in it and… win it.

Message to the Questers: If you cannot be the best mathematician in the world or the best musician, can you at least try to be the best mathematician among the musicians and the best musician among the mathematicians - and with a little debating, social hacking and sweating just smoothly sail into the winning spot of the Quest?! :)

Asya Velichkova (AUBG alumna, Class of 2020, Co-founder of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest)

3 words: Questfully Yours, Asya

A non-stop smiling wanderlust in the world of technology, marketing,
and creativity. I am passionate about graphic design, entrepreneurship, and self-development. During my 4 years at AUBG, I've been part of the  Better Community Club and  StartUP@Blagoevgrad. I am more than excited to see your applications. Looking forward to meeting you!

Message to the Questers: The Quest is not only about winning a prize. Come, compete, create new friendships, push your limits and have enormous amounts of fun in three days.

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