Round 1 Jury

Head of Round 1 Jury

Sabina A. Wien :

3 words: a Quester at heart

I love conversations but I can't do small talk. I'm keen on interpreting meaning  but I'm bad at making sense of the modern world. I enjoy the company of AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius people but I won’t decline the company of an espresso, good books and good music. 

I work as an Adjunct Instructor in the Modern Languages and Arts Department at AUBG, but I'm better known as the "extra-curriculum activities professor". I'm the fond faculty advisor to the "Better Community Club," but I also find pleasure in singing in the Female Folklore Ensemble "Svetlina," and have (successfully:-) taken part in the AUBG Musicals "Moulin Rouge" and "Spring Awakening". And guess what: I won the “Lifetime Achievement” (2011) and “Coolest Non-Student” (2018) More Honors Academy Awards!

Message to the Questers: All the world’s a stage? So be the playwright, the director, and the actor.

Round 1 Jury Members

Reynaldo Argir, AUBG EMBA ('18), Information Security Officer at AUBG

3 words: Let it be  

I am Reinaldo but not only, people often rename me here in Bulgaria. I am also a very positive person and I like being surrounded by such people. I work as Information Security Officer at AUBG and I love making new friends. It’s a honor for me to be part of the quest.   

Message to the Questers:
Take your time! Enjoy everything

Anastasia Garyainova ('16), Web Content Editor and Producer at AUBG

3 words: Music. Contrast. Moment. 

Music, musicals, and video enthusiast. Graduated with a double degree in Business and Journalism and decided to pursue a video production career (including the YouTube channel, yes). Currently, being part of the AUBG musical production of HAIR. Also, starting with the music writing of my own.

Message to the Questers:
Let your true self go and create.

Samantha Harvey (AUBG Exchange Alumna), Admissions Counselor at AUBG

3 words: Curious. Empathetic. Clumsy 

I'm Samantha, or Sam for short. I recently moved from my hometown of Lizemores, WV to Blagoevgrad in order to join AUBG's Admissions Team! Back in the States, I studied Cultural Anthropology and Women’s Studies at Marshall University where I developed the desire to experience other lifestyles. Cue my move to Bulgaria! Now, I truly believe the most rewarding part of my week is helping students plan for the future by sharing their accomplishments and aspirations. In my free time I travel with my two cats while fueling my addiction to audiobooks and coffee!

Message to the Questers: 
Take this time to explore your entire self at this moment--you’ll not be the same later.

Rossen Petkov ('04), AUBG Faculty

I’m here to make it everywhere. Already while being a student at AUBG, I realized I needed more than just one thing, so even before graduating I had started making my own living. Learning and work haven’t stopped ever since, I just added teaching. I Learn, I work, I teach - perhaps, that’s my essence.
When I’m not teaching or glued to a computer screen, I like to spend time with my family, read fiction and travel to the not so popular but relaxing and enjoyable corners of Bulgaria and around Europe. I’m also currently working on my PhD in Marketing.

Asya Velichkova, AUBG student ('20)

3 words: Questfully Yours, Asya

A non-stop smiling wanderlust in the world of technology, marketing and creativity. I am passionate about graphic design, entrepreneurship and self-development. Love travelling, meeting new people and organizing events. I am double majoring in Business Administration and Information Systems. 

Message to the Questers: It is not about winning a prize. It is about creating life-changing memories.

Mustafa Ramadan, AUBG student ('19)

3 words: Adventurous, witty, exuberant  

A senior year  student who is double majoring in Business Administration and Journalism and Mass Communication. Love exploring new places, always challenging myself, and constantly making people smile! I am really passionate about marketing, TED Talks, and…. food!

Message to the Questers: You can. You should. And if you start, you will.

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