Round 1

Following kind requests by Quest Applicants, who were unable to get hold of documents from school proving their GPA (in a number of schools, the registrar offices seem to be closed due to the pandemic), we have decided to extend the deadline for Round 1 until May 8th, 2021. Due to this, you will receive the email with instructions on how to compete the English & General Education QuestTest after May 8th. We hope you understand and support our decision.

In Round 1 of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest (until May 8, 2021) you’ll need to convince us online that you are AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius. You‘ll have the opportunity to:

  • tell us about yourself in the online application QuestForm;
  • show us who you are in a 2-minute creative video QuestCV;
  • impress us by passing the online intermediate-to-advanced-level English & General Education QuestTest.

Here are the STEPS you need to take in Round 1 in detail. Should you have any trouble, do not worry. We are here to help you! You can send an e-mail to; send a PM to our FB page AUBG MultiTalent Quest; or call the Admissions Office at AUBG: +359 73 888 111.


Click Sign-up and follow the instructions. If you have already signed up, please go to STEP 2.


Click QuestForm and fill it out.  

In the QuestForm, you need to provide us with proof of your GPA from the
two previous grades (e.g. 9th and 10th grade in Bulgaria). This can be a scanned copy or a picture made with your (phone) camera of an official transcript issued by your school, or your school grade books with the pages showing your GPAs. Make sure you get hold of either one of the mentioned documents on time.

In the QuestForm you also need to put down the link to your 2-minute creative video QuestCV. Click here for a guide on building your QuestCV.

Note: Please make sure that you have your Round 1 Parental Consent Form filled in, signed, and uploaded in your application QuestForm. You can download the Parental Consent Form here.


Do the AUBG intermediate-level English & General Education online test. 

Do the online intermediate-to-advanced-level English &General Education QuestTest.  After May 8, 2021, you will receive an e-mail with a password and detailed instructions on how to take the QuestTest online. You’ll have to take the test within 5 working days of receiving the password. Click here for information regarding the contents and format of the QuestTest.


Once you take these three challenging but fun steps, you’re done with Round 1!

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