Quest Application

The application deadline for the AUBG MultiTalent Quest is extended until April 30. Hurry up and submit your application now!

You’ll need to demonstrate your talents by April 30, 2022. You’ll have the opportunity to:  

  • Tell us about yourself in theonline application form;   
  • Show us who you are in a 30-second creative video;     
  • Complete an interview. 

Here’s the process step by step:     

Complete the online application form:  

Step 1

1. Answer all the questions;  

2. Upload your 9th and 10th grade transcripts showing your GPA (grade point average). We accept your transcripts in the form of a scanned copy, screenshot, or picture from your phone.  

3. Submit the link to your 30-second creative video;  

4. Download, complete, and upload the Parental Consent Forms found here

Deadline: April 15, 2022

Step 2 

Once you complete the application, you will be invited to a virtual interview!  

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