Psychology Minor

The Psychology minor introduces students to the science of human behavior and mental processes. The minor provides a good foundation for understanding specific topics of interest in Psychology that may be applicable to other academic and professional contexts.  A Psychology degree is one that is increasingly valued by employers who value the analytical and reasoning skills it gives you.

Total: 18 credit hours

Required Courses (3 Courses):
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 102 Introduction to Social Psychology
PSY 200 Psychology Research Methods

Elective Courses
Choose 3 out of the following:

Fundamental Psychology courses
PSY 202 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 203 Personality Theory
PSY 302 Developmental Psychology
PSY 303 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 304 Physiological Psychology
PSY 305 Psychology of Social Change (formerly Community Psychology) **

Other Electives (all open to PSY minors):
PSY 301 Psychology Capstone Project/PSY401: Senior Psychology Research Project
PSY 306 Special Topics in Psychology
PSY 402 Advanced Special Topics in Psychology
BUS 340 Organizational Theory and Behavior
BUS 361 Consumer Behavior
SES 360 Cross-Cultural Management and Corporate Culture
POS 401 Topics in Politics: The Social Brain

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