​Political Science and International Relations Minor

The Political Science and International Relations minor introduces the student to the role of major actors, structures, and processes in politics. It also helps promote understanding of some of the forces affecting our lives within our rapidly globalizing, interdependent world. The minor provides a good foundation for understanding current affairs and can complement other majors.

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (3 courses):

Three (3) courses from the following:

POS 101 Introduction to Politics
POS 102 Introduction to Global Politics

POS 201 Comparative Politics or
EUR 213 Comparative Politics of Europe
POS 202 Foreign Policy Analysis

Elective Courses (3 courses):

Three (3) courses from the following:

POS 301 Bulgarian Government and Politics
POS 303 Conflict and Conflict Resolution
POS 304 Global Political Economy
POS 305 International Law and Organization
POS 306 Public Policy Analysis
POS 307 Research Methods in Politics
POS 401 Topics in Politics*

 *May be repeated for credit as long as the precise topics differ.

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