Police Clearance Report

Police clearance report that you have no convictions during the time of your stay in Bulgaria is issued by the Regional Court in Blagoevgrad after submitting the following documents (scanned copies are also acceptable):

  • A copy of the birth certificate notarized and translated into Bulgarian by an authorized agency (no need of legalization). If the document is in Macedonian or Russian, it does not need to be translated into Bulgarian;
  • A copy of the first page of the national passport;
  • A copy of the Bulgarian ID card  ( for non-EU countries) or a long term certificate ( for EU countries);
  • Issuing of the certificate costs about 10 BGN. You should specify in which country you will use the certificate.
  • A Power of attorney (if you are out of Bulgaria and you cannot apply in person).
    It needs to be signed by a notary, and translated* into Bulgarian. It should say that you authorize a person to submit the Application form for issuing Police clearance report and to receive the certificate. You may find a sample in English here.  
    *The translation can be done by an agency in Blagoevgrad; there is no need of legalization. The agency accepts a copy.
    Another option for you is to prepare the Power of attorney in Bulgarian. Please find a sample in Bulgarian here. After you fill it in, you should sign it at the Bulgarian Embassy in your country.

Important: The Police Clearance Report is valid for 6 months and it is in Bulgarian. It should be given to an authorized agency for translation into English.

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