Philosophy and Religion Minor

The Philosophy and Religion minor is an interdisciplinary program appropriate for students who wish to study the philosophical and religious components of human experience, considered as fundamental elements of civilizations. It provides a good foundation for understanding the historical background and social significance of current philosophical, ethical and religious issues. Moreover, the minor offers courses on different traditions and perspectives, besides western culture. 

The objectives of the Minor in Philosophy and Religion are:

  • to help students consider philosophical, ethical and religious issues from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, and in light of various perspectives; 
  • to help students understand the historical background of current philosophical, ethical and religious issues; 
  • to help students appreciate the significance of philosophical, ethical and religious issues for human existence, i.e. for both individual life and human communities; 
  • to help students develop their ability to reflect on specific philosophical, ethical and religious problems and questions, related to the contemporary world and everyday life. 

Required courses (2 courses):

PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy
RLG201 Introduction to World Religions

Elective Courses (4 courses):

At least one (1) course from the following:

BUS 340 Business Ethics
JMC 356 Media Law and Ethics
PHI  220 Ethics
PHI  301Topics in Philosophy*
PHI  304 Modern and Contemporary Political Philosophy
POS101 Introduction to Politics

At least one (1) course from the following:

ANT 312 Anthropology of Religion
ANT 350 Comparative Mythology
ENG300 The Bible as Literature
HTY 308 Topics in Global History: History of Islam
HTY 310 History of Christianity
RLG200  New Age Spirituality
RLG301 Topics in Religion*

Two additional PHI and/or RLG courses*

Note: At least two (2) courses, totaling six (6) credit hours, must be taken at the 300- and/or 400-level.

* PHI 301 and RLG 301 may be repeated for credit as long as the precise topic is different.

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