Phi Beta Delta Members

Ainagul Aitbayeva

Nationality: Kazakh
International experience: FLEX exchange program in California 2016; Participant of leaders workshop in Kosovo 2018; Active participant of the International week at AUBG for three years; W&T 2018 and 2019; Three years as a student assistant & campus guide and one year as a Peer Counselor at AUBG.
Major and standing: Business Administration and Psychology; Senior

Aleksandar Aleksov

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: Direct exchange student at the University of Maine; Student Advisor; Member of The Hub; Work and Travel.
Major and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Senior

Katerina Balkandzhieva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Second Year as a Resident Assistant at Skapto 1; Former Student Assistant; Work and Travel 2 times; Diversity Training; The HUB AUBG.
Major and standing: Business Administration and Information Systems; Senior

Ayah Besaiso 

Nationality: Palestinian
International experience: I have studied for 1 year in the U.S. on an exchange program. I have also gone to different programs and workshops at schools in Israel to promote peace and understanding. I have also led various diversity trainings at AUBG as an RA. I am currently working at an NGO in Sofia to help Arab immigrants in Bulgaria. And lastly, I am part of three amazing clubs on campus, AUBG Olympics, Student Government, and I am the president of the POS Club.
Major and standing: Political Science International Relations and European Studies; Junior

Mariia Chukhlantseva 

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Russian Academic High School Exchange in the United States in 2016; Erasmus+ Student Exchange participation in Science Po Grenoble; participant of the Liberal Arts Education Conference in the Netherlands in 2018; International Volunteering Forum participant in 2019; AUBG Student Ambassador for 3,5 years; WAT 2018&2019; Erasmus Student Network participation; Student Assistant at the AUBG Career Center; Student Assistant for MLL Department.
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations; Senior

Nadezhda Dimitrova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Living abroad for 10 years in total; Senior Resident Assistant Skapto 2; StartUP@Blagoevgrad; A couple of Erasmus projects (one was specifically aimed at promoting diversity and multicultural cooperation); Internship in Bologna, Italy.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations; Junior

Vladislava Dimitrova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: President of BFDC Samodiva, took part in the Taste and Dance Fest during the 2019 and 2020 International Week, Student assistant and Writing Center tutor, a camp counselor at AUBG Educational Summer Camp in June 2019, mentor to a Portuguese volunteer at Active Bulgarian Society.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and JMC; Junior

Sofia Drenkova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Currently working at an NGO as PR Specialist and Project Assistant; Former Vice President of BFDC Samodiva; Member of Radio Aura's Sales Department; I was a participant in the International week, both in 2019 and 2020; I have been on a Work&Travel Program in 2019; I have participated in 3 Erasmus+ Mobility Youth Exchanges and 1 Training Course; I was Assistant to the Deputy Director of European & Asian Conferences for European Horizons in 2020.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and JMC; Junior

Armela Gjylsheni

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: AUBG Admissions Student Ambassador, Promoting Trip with Admissions to Batumi, Georgia, Resident Assistant, Work and Travel, Member of AUBG Psychology Club, Sustainability Club, and StartUp@Blagoevgrad, alumni of AUBG Improv Theater Club.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Psychology; Junior

Mariya Handzhiyska 

Nationality: Bulgarian

Andrej Ivanovski

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: ISEP exchange student at Southwestern University; Student Advisor and Spanish Tutor at the Writing Center; Student Representative to the Enrollment Management Committee; Student Representative to the Business Department; Member of The Hub; Work and Travel.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Senior

Anastassiya Kazakova

Nationality: Kazakh
International experience: ISEP exchange student at Creighton University; FLEX exchange program in Pennsylvania 2016
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Economics; Senior

Senem Konedareva  

Nationality: Albanian

Lydia Krise 

Nationality: American

Kristina Kukoleva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former President of Student Government; Former RA; Participant in Erasmus youth exchanges in Germany and Lithuania; Part of International Week 2020 Team
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Computer Science; Senior

Sofia Kurochkina

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Erasmus+ traineeships; WomenTech Ambassador; Work and Travel; Member of TheHUB; Ex-president of InFocus.
Majors and standing: Business Administration; Senior

Mariela Latinova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: A business field trip to London with Investment Management Club; AUBG Admissions Student Ambassador; International Student Services Assistant; Vice president of European Society Club; Head of NGOs Department - Better Community Club; Member of Team Europe Junior; I have participated in a training in the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium; Former member of Samodiva; A participant in International Weeks 2019 and 2020; I have participated in two Erasmus + Youth Mobility Exchanges in Aarhus, Denmark.
Majors and standing: Economics & Political Science and International Relations; Junior

Lynnette Leonard

Nationality: American

Mark Leonard 

Nationality: America

Diego Lucci 

Nationality: Italy
International Experience: Research Fellowships, Visiting Professorships, Invited Lectures, and Conference Papers - USA: Boston College, Boston University, College of William and Mary, Memorial Library, University of Missouri St. Louis, Villanova University; UK: Gladstone’s Library, Institute of Historical Research at the University of London, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Oxford, University of Reading; Italy (inter alia): Universities of: Bologna, Chieti-Pescara, Florence, Insubria, Milan Sacred Heart, Naples Frederick II, Padua, Parma, Pisa, Verona; Rest of Europe: Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, Ruhr University Bochum, University of Aix-Marseille, University of Amsterdam, University of Crete, University of Hamburg, University of Iceland, University of Navarra

Desislava Manova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: SRA Skapto I; Organizer and Leader of Workshops in Batumi, Georgia; Diversity trainings executor; President of TEDxAUBG; US Embassy Internship; Organizing international week 2020 and the movie night; Senior Student Assistant in Admissions; Student Ambassador; A judge in a language competition.
Majors and standing: JMC; Senior

Lucia Miree

Nationality: American

Radosveta Miltcheva 

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Coordinator, Intercultural English Leadership Program at AUBG, 2014-present; Certified Intercultural Competence Trainer, Jacobs University, Germany, 2015; International Staff Mobility Program, Klaipeda University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania, 2014; NASPA International Conference, Lugano, Switzerland, 2011; Train the Trainer Diversity Course for Resident Assistants and Student Leaders at the American University in Bulgaria, 2009-present  Miller Madison  Nationality: American

Uerda Muca 

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: AlbanianExchange student in "Macalester College"
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Economics; Senior

Jeffrey Nielsen 

Nationality: United States
International Experience: Born in NYC; 1994-1996 Prague, taught at CERGE; 1996-1998 Copenhagen, taught at Copenhagen Business School; 1999- 2007 Switzerland, taught at Studienzentrum Gerzensee; 2006 – teaching at AUBG; 2014 sabbatical leave in Seoul South Korea 4 month stay.

Yenlik O'Neill

Nationality: Kazakh
International experience: Lived in various countries for more than 6 years in total; former head of the Design Team at TEDxAUBG; member of RJC; volunteered on several international championships; participant of both 2019 and 2020 International Weeks; trade-marketing intern at Henkel CAC; W&T 2019; @quarantine.stories; the book designer of Oral Histories of Blagoevgrad.
Majors and standing: JMC; Junior

Arlinda Osmanoviq 

Nationality: Montenegrin
International experience: Exchange student in "Macalester College" 
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations and Business Administration; Senior

Anastasiya Pantsialei

Nationality: Belarusian
International experience: 2020 - participant of Women in Peace and Security conference; Summer 2020 - interning for National Geographic Russia magazine in Moscow; Russia 2019-2020 - Writing Center tutor in AUBG; Spring 2020 - Erasmus+ exchange in the LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania; 2019 - Rome Press Game participant inside Rome MUN; 2019 - AUBG MUN participant; Summer 2019 - Work&Travel in Hyannis, USA; Spring 2019 - interning for Ananke magazine in Dubai, UAE; Fall 2018 - reporter for AUBG Daily; 2017 - International Young Naturalist Tournament participant in Nanjing, China; 2017 - student of Excel English school in London, the UK; 2016 - student of Cambridge Language school in Cambridge, the UK.
Majors and standing: Journalism and Mass Communication, Psychology; Junior

Arthur Pantelides

Nationality: Greek-American  
International experience: I have worked and travelled for extensive periods (months/years) to the following countries: US,  Japan,  Canada,  Mexico,  Chile,  Argentina,  Brazil,  UK,  Germany,  Italy,  Vietnam, and others; and consider myself an Internationalist: European by birth, American by choice and education, with 20+ years of professional experience in one of the biggest Japanese companies in the world.  

Pavlina Pavlova

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Mobility programs, University of Akureyri, Iceland and University of Latvia, 2015; NASPA conference, Lugano, Switzerland, 2011; Train the Trainers Course, “Prejudices and Conflict Resolution” Tetovo, Macedonia 2005; National Coalition Building Institute Campus Conference Columbia University, New York, USA, 2002; Annual Scholarship Conference Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, 2000; Admissions Recruitment, International Education Fair Ankara, Turkey, 2000

Bojana Pejkovic

Nationality: Serbian
International experience: SerbianFLEX exchange program in California 2014/15; International student at AUBG; WAT on Nantucket, MA for three consecutive summers; Exchange student at SUNY Fredonia (direct exchange) Spring 2019; Erasmus exchange in Alcoy, Spain Spring 2020; Erasmus traineeship in Valencia Spain Summer and Fall 2020.
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations; Business Administration; Senior

Veneta Petkova

Nationality: Bulgarian

Svetozara Saykova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Resident Assistant; Work and Travel; Member of Broadway and StartUp@Blagoevgrad
Majors and standing: Political Science and JMC; Junior

Valentina Staneva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former President of Svetlina; Former PR manager at The Hub; Member of the Broadway Performance Club and AUBG Choir; Work and Travel.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Senior

Maria-Magdalena (Meggie) Stoyanova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former Student Assistant; Former RA; Work and Travel for 2 summers; ISEP Exchange in California, USA; Former member of StartUP@Blagoevgrad; International Week Organizer; Former member of Toastmasters@AUBG; member of AUBGOlympics Committee; member of Investment Management Club (IMC); Summer 2020 AUBG Mentorship Program; AUBG Student Ambassador; 6 Diversity Trainings.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Information Systems; Senior

Irida Shyti

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: Exchange Student at Otto-Von Guericke Magdeburg; Intern at RocketLoop in Machine Learning department; Coding Girls club leader and ambassador; Women in Tech Ambassador; Resident Assistant in Skapto 2; Former Student Assistant; Member of The Hub.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Mathematics; Senior

Stefan Solarski

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: Exchange Student at Kent State University, Ohio; President of Math Club Polygon; International Student; Organized MEU, TEDx Conferences and International Mathematics Competitions.
Majors and standing: Mathematics and Computer Science; Senior

Steve Sullivan 

Nationality: American

Diana Taranova

Nationality: Ukrainian
International experience: 2015-2016 FLEX exchange program in Florida, USA; 2019 ISEP exchange program in Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA; AUBG international student; Work and Travel program Summer of 2018 and 2019, in Maryland and Massachusetts.
Majors and standing: Psychology and JMC; Senior

Rinat Tashpulatov

Nationality: Russian
International Experience: Exchange Student in Collegium Civitas through Erasmus + student mobility program in Warsaw, Poland.
Majors and standing: Journalism and Mass Communications; Senior

Roberta Tihomirova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International Experience: Former Treasurer and current Vice President of TEDxAUBG; PR manager at Elevate; went on a Work&Travel program twice, but have visited the States 4 times in total; former member of Radio Aura and a writing center tutor; worked on numerous international projects as part of my studies.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and JMC; Senior

Stanislav Todorov

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Part of the clubs TEDxAUBG and StartUP; Resident assistant.
Majors and standing: Business Administration  and Psychology; Junior

Maria Vasileva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former Resident Assistant at Skapto 1; Work and Travel; Member of AURA, the Hub, and AUBG Daily.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Economics; Senior

Markus Wien

Nationality: German  

Sabina Wien 

Nationality: Bulgaria

Fatma Xhafa

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: Former RA in Skapto 1, Former Student Assistant, Work and Travel for 2 years in a row, Erasmus+ in Spain, Vice President at StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2019-2020.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Senior


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