Phi Beta Delta Members

Magdalena Bernaciak

Nationality: Polish
International experience: Volunteer at the ecumenical Iona Community, Scotland; Erasmus exchange student at Otto-Friedrich Universitaet Bamberg, Germany; MA and Ph.D. student at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, Research Fellow at the Institute for Socio-Economic Research in Duesseldorf, Germany; Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, UK; employed as Senior Researcher at the European Trade Union Institute, Brussels (now: Associate Researcher); numerous research, work-related and leisure trips in Europe and North America; married to a Bulgarian.

Assistant Professor at the Department of Politics and European Studies

Ayah Besaiso 

Nationality: Palestinian
International experience: My international and diversity experience goes back to 2016 when I was on an exchange program for a year in the U.S. I was basically an amateur ambassador representing my country and sharing my culture in the states. I then came to AUBG and participated in the international week multiple times and later became a Resident Assistant. I have also been a panelist on the YES International Education Week on Citizen Diplomacy. Set aside my participation in other international seminars and workshops like the YOCOPAS, Palestine MUN, AUBG MUN, and many more. In general, I have been exposed to different cultures and traditions over the years and I believe this has helped me become more diverse in my understanding and open-minded in my perspective on the world. Thus, I always feel like I belong everywhere and that I am a Palestinian first but a citizen of the world second.

Major and standing: Political Science International Relations and European Studies; Senior

Madelyn Bourdeau

Nationality: USA
International Experience: DJ and host in Radio AURA. Currently on Erasmus exchange at Maynooth University in Ireland. At Maynooth University, I am a member of the Erasmus Student Network. I am also working in Ireland at a pub and I am a nanny for the family I live with. Next fall I am hoping to be able to do Erasmus again in Lithuania.
Majors and standing: Political Science & International Relations and Journalism & Mass Communication; Minor: Psychology; Junior

Spencer Collins

Nationality: USA
International experience: President of More Honors and Head of Logistics at the Sustainability Club. Part-time English Language Instructor at the English Language Institute
Majors and standing: Political Science & International Relations and Journalism & Mass Communication; Junior

Aleksandra Dimcheva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Participant in the first season of ABLE Mentor in AUBG in 2016; Participant in MEU in AUBG in 2017; Participant in the first season of AUBG Multitalent Quest in 2017; Participant for 6 years in BEST, four of which as a competitor, in the fifth as a judge on tournaments and in the sixth one as a Financial development coordinator; Participant in 3 Erasmus + youth exchanges, 1 training course, 1 European Solidarity Corps group project and 1 Erasmus + exchange semester; Work & Travel J1 in 2019 and 2021; Participant in the organizers' team of Broadway Performance Club for the musical "Hair" for 2018/2019 academic year; Participant as a sponsorship coordinator in Rock Jamming Club for 2019/2020 academic year; Currently, a Senior Writer intern in OCM, a Student Assistant in Panitza Library and a Treasurer and Head of Sponsorship in StartUP@Blagoevgrad.
Majors and standing: BUS and JMC; Senior

Nadezhda Dimitrova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Living abroad for 10 years in total; Senior Resident Assistant Skapto 2; StartUP@Blagoevgrad; A couple of Erasmus projects (one was specifically aimed at promoting diversity and multicultural cooperation); Internship in Bologna, Italy.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations; Junior

Vladislava Dimitrova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Mentor at ABLE Mentor 2021/2022; Mentee at AUBG Alumni Mentoring Program 2021/2022; Former President and current member of BFDC Samodiva; Student assistant at Panitza Library; Former Writing Center tutor and Student assistant at AUBG Events Office; Camp counselor at AUBG Educational Summer Camp in June 2019; Mentor to a Portuguese volunteer at Active Bulgarian Society in 2020; Participated in the International Week in 2019, 2020, and 2021; have been a student at a German language summer camp in Neuberg an der Mürz, Austria in 2013.

Majors and standing: Business Administration and JMC; Junior

Sofia Drenkova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Student Mentor at ABLE Mentor 2021/2022; Intern at "A Month in the Museum" 2021 program; Teacher at AUBG Educational Summer Camp 2021; Adecco CEO for One Month 2021 finalist; Former Intern at BNR Blagoevgrad; Former PR&Marketing Specialist at an NGO coordinating Erasmus+ projects; Former VP of BFDC Samodiva; Work&Travel Program in 2019; Participated in 3 Erasmus+ Mobility Youth Exchanges and 1 Training Course; Member of Radio AURA; Assistant to the Deputy Director of European & Asian Conferences for European Horizons in 2020.

Majors and standing: Business Administration and JMC; Junior

Ivan Asen Enchev 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International Experience: Part of Olympics, Marketing department and Social Media Department. Vice-President of The Hub. Work Study of Admissions, participation in webinars, I am also a core organizer of the MultiTalant Quest. Various Erasmus projects all over Europe, creating an international Erasmus project with a colleague of mine, boy scout camps, and Work and Traveler.
Majors and standing: Business Administration & Psychology; Minor: Integrated Marketing Communications; Senior

David R. Evans

Nationality: American
International experience: Have led or co-led study abroad trips from the U.S. to England, Greece, and Turkey. Involved in or created international educational partnerships with institutions in Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Student recruiting in South Korea, Singapore, Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia. Led faculty development trips and intercultural exchange trips to Turkey and South Korea. Studied abroad in England twice (once as an undergrad, once as a grad student). VP of Interfaith/Intercultural organization in Iowa. Scholarly publication and numerous professional conference presentations on travel writing.

Veliyana Georgieva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International Experience: President of Bulgaria of the Youth, President of the European Society Club in AUBG, Vice President of Student Government at AUBG, member of IMC AUBG, member of Sustainability Club, a participant in Model European Union Lisbon 2018, a participant in European Youth Parliament Telavi 2018, a participant in MEU Brussels 2019, a participant in EURMUN in Maastricht, chairwoman in MEU Lisbon 2019, chairwoman in MEU Turkey 2020, a participant in MEU Vilnius 2021 and will participate in GlobalMEU 2022 in Brussels; Went on an Erasmus+ youth exchange in Cyprus and is to take part in an Erasmus exchange for a semester in Mannheim University.
Majors and standing: Economics and Political Science and International Relations; Junior

Armela Gjylsheni

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: AUBG Admissions Student Ambassador, Promoting Trip with Admissions to Batumi, Georgia, Resident Assistant, Work and Travel, Member of AUBG Psychology Club, Sustainability Club, and StartUp@Blagoevgrad, alumni of AUBG Improv Theater Club.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Psychology; Junior

Alexandra Gouleva

Nationality: Bulgaria
International experience: Judge at BEST Foundation Speech and Debate Competitions; Judge and Organizer for the AUBG Multitalent Quest; Delegate, Vice-Chair, Chair at Model United Nations, Blagoevgrad; two times student delegate at the Athens Democracy Forum, Athens, Greece; Research intern at the Democracy and Culture Foundation; Head of Policy Analysis at the Political Science Club at AUBG; Head of Logistics at the Better Community Club; Former Student Representative to the POS and EUR department; Erasmus + Project: Youthtopia 2020, Logrono, Spain 2017; Erasmus + Project: Living with Urban Subcultures, Maribor, Slovenia; Work and Travel Program 2019
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations, European Studies; Senior

Mariya Handzhiyska 

Nationality: Bulgarian

Ronald Harvey

Nationality: USA
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Viktoriya Ivanova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: President of Student Government for the academic year of 2020-21; Senator at Student Government, Member of the POS Club, Member of Conduct Council.
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations & Psychology; Minor: Philosophy and Religion; Senior

Mihaela Kafedzhiyska

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: President of Xaia Hiking, Tournament Manager of Balkan Voices International Speech Competition 2021, Tournament Coordinator at BEST Foundation for 2 years, facilitator and judge at the Multitalent Quest, paricipant in MUN AUBG 2019, Student assistant at AUBG, Business and Entrepreneurship Teacher at the International Summer Camp 2021, participant in Erasmus youth exchanges 2017-2021, Assistant manager at LETSGO International Student Center in Ocean City, Maryland 2019
Majors and standing: Economics and Business administration, MLL: French; Senior

Tamara Knyazeva

Nationality: Kazakhstani
International experience: Student Research Assistant 2021-2022, OSUN Summer Courses online at the Lebanese American University 2021, MUN Participant (Economic and Social Council) 2020, MUN Preparation Club member (Marketing and Social Media Department) 2020, InFocus Photography Club (Marketing Department) 2019, Work and Travel 2019.
Majors and standing: Political Science & International Relations and Journalism & Mass Communication; Senior

Mariela Kodzhebasheva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Resident assistant since 2019; Former Calculus student tutor; AUBG MultiTalent Quest judge; former participant of BFDC club Samodiva; former participant of BCC club; former participant of Xaia hiking club; participated in an exchange forum in Belgrade for intercommunication in Europe; student mentor for Erasmus students.
Majors and standing: Economics & Business Administration; Minor: Modern Languages and Cultures - French; Senior

Elena Kalinova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Participant in the Oxford Investment Program in 2020 as an online international exchange of knowledge and ideas, Former Subject Tutor in Statistics, Writing Center tutor and Student Advisor, Member of the Associates Consulting Club, a former member of the Samodiva club and Investment Management club, participant in the Taste Fest in 2019, high school Erasmus exchange student in Finland and Germany on the topics of Tolerance and Jobs for Youth in 2015/2016, attended a German language summer camp in Neuberg an der Mürz, Austria in 2013.
Majors and standing:  Business Administration and Economics; Senior

Senem Konedareva  

Nationality: Albanian

Vlada Kolesnikova

Nationality: Kazakhstani
International experience: 2016-2017 FLEX exchange student in Florida; Erasmus exchange student at the University of Mannheim, Germany in Fall 2021; Former Vice-President of the AUBG Psychology club; Participant of a Summer Module course on Social Inequality from the University of Würzburg in July 2021.
Majors and standing: Psychology and Political science and International Relations; Junior

Mariela Latinova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: AUBG Admissions Student Ambassador; International Student Services Office Assistant; Former VP of European Society Club, Head of NGOs Department of Better Community Club and member of BFDC “Samodiva”; Member of Investment Management Club and Team Europe Junior. Participation in various international trainings, field trip and projects - a field trip to London with Investment Management Club, a training in the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, two Erasmus + Youth Mobility Exchanges in Aarhus, Denmark, MEUs; MUNs; Student Mentor at ABLE Mentor 2018/2019.

Majors and standing: Economics & Political Science and International Relations; Junior

Lynnette Leonard

Nationality: American

Mark Leonard 

Nationality: America

Diego Lucci 

Nationality: Italy
International Experience: Research Fellowships, Visiting Professorships, Invited Lectures, and Conference Papers - USA: Boston College, Boston University, College of William and Mary, Memorial Library, University of Missouri St. Louis, Villanova University; UK: Gladstone’s Library, Institute of Historical Research at the University of London, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Oxford, University of Reading; Italy (inter alia): Universities of: Bologna, Chieti-Pescara, Florence, Insubria, Milan Sacred Heart, Naples Frederick II, Padua, Parma, Pisa, Verona; Rest of Europe: Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, Ruhr University Bochum, University of Aix-Marseille, University of Amsterdam, University of Crete, University of Hamburg, University of Iceland, University of Navarra

Nikol Manoleva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: AUBG Student Ambassador 2018-2022; Member of the Forecasting and Budgeting Committee – 2020/2021 and of the Curriculum Committee 2021/2022; Senator in SG 2020 – 2022; Judge at BEST Foundation Speech and Debate Competitions in Spring 2021; Treasurer of Logos 2019-2022 and of PSY club for 2019-2020; Member of Better Community Club and MUN club 2018-2020; Organizer of MTQ 2018-2020; Dancer in BPC’s “Hair production” – 2018/2019; Admissions office 2018-2019. Work&Travel program - 2019&2021. Participation in MUN conference and MEUs. Participant in multiple Erasmus+ projects in the Netherlands on the topic of Sustainable Future and Nature Preservation.
Majors and standing: Psychology & Political Science and International Relations; Minor: Philosophy and Religion; Senior

Radosveta Miltcheva 

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Coordinator, Intercultural English Leadership Program at AUBG, 2014-present; Certified Intercultural Competence Trainer, Jacobs University, Germany, 2015; International Staff Mobility Program, Klaipeda University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania, 2014; NASPA International Conference, Lugano, Switzerland, 2011; Train the Trainer Diversity Course for Resident Assistants and Student Leaders at the American University in Bulgaria, 2009-present  Miller Madison  Nationality: American

Yenlik O'Neill

Nationality: Kazakh
International experience: Vice-President of TEDxAUBG and a co-head of Design Team; DoP of a short documentary “Motorgrad. The story of Blagoevgrad motorsport”, “Oral Historiesof Blagoevgrad” book designer; fourth-year photography intern at OCM; W&T 2019.

Majors and standing: JMC; Junior

Pavlina Pavlova

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Mobility programs, University of Akureyri, Iceland and University of Latvia, 2015; NASPA conference, Lugano, Switzerland, 2011; Train the Trainers Course, “Prejudices and Conflict Resolution” Tetovo, Macedonia 2005; National Coalition Building Institute Campus Conference Columbia University, New York, USA, 2002; Annual Scholarship Conference Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, 2000; Admissions Recruitment, International Education Fair Ankara, Turkey, 2000

Rumyana Penzova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Exchange student on an Erasmus study abroad program in the spring 2020 semester in Budapest, Hungary. Worked at the Educational Summer Camp at AUBG two times: in 2019 and 2021 respectively, once as a camp counselor, and once as a camp leader; currently one of the vice presidents of the AUBG Psychology Club; worked as a student assistant to the Conferences and Events office; has participated in youth exchange “Jugend im Beruf” in Cologne, Germany in 2015; has attended a German language summer camp in Neuberg an der Mürz, Austria in 2014; part of the Student Ambassadors club at AUBG.
Majors and standing: Journalism and Mass Communication and Psychology, Senior

Bojana Petrova

Nationality: Macedonian
International Experience: Current positions: Student Advisor, Subject Tutor in Spanish Language, Student Representative of the Philosophy & Psychology Department, Student Representative of the Sexual Harassment Hearing Committee, President of AUBG PsyClub. Former positions: Member of the AUBG Choir, Student Ambassador, Student Assistant for the Admissions Office, Subject Tutor for Politics, Resident Assistant, Judge at BEST Foundation Speech and Debate Competitions, Intern at Trust for Social Achievement Foundation, Volunteer at Autism Speaks Foundation.
Majors and standing: Political science and International Relations & Psychology; Minor: Modern Languages and Cultures: Spanish Language; Senior

Layla Ramadan

Nationality: Bulgarian
International exprerience: Member of Radio Aura since 2019, Director of DJ & Hosts department 2021-2022; Participant in 2019 International Dance & Taste Food at the International Week hosted by AUBG; Student at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio, Finland during Spring 2020 provided by ERASMUS+ Exchange Program; Former International Student Services Office Assistant, Fall 2019. First place rewarded part of member Marketing Campaign for Macedonian furniture brand "FEYDOM". Learning the Finnish culture while hosting research for Finnish Tech Company's "Provet Cloud" Marketing Campaign; Participated as a podcast editor for Toronto-based startup "Lead through Impact" Summer 2021.
Majors and standing: Business Administration; Management Concentration + Journalism & Mass Communications; Senior

Gabriela Qypi

Nationality: Albanian
International Experience: AUBG Admissions Student Ambassador; Student Assistant for the Development Office, Math tutor for Finite Mathematics and Introductory Math; Erasmus Exchange Student at LCC International University, Lithuania, Spring 2020; HR&Marketing Intern at Ocean ReadyMix&Precast, UAE; Work&Travel J1 in 2019, OSUN Summer School; MUNs; Participant in several leadership conferences - OSUN Youth Leadership being the most recent.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Political Science; Senior

Svetozara Saykova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Resident Assistant; Work and Travel; Member of Broadway and StartUp@Blagoevgrad
Majors and standing: Political Science and JMC; Junior

Selbi Shanyyazova

Nationality: Turkmen
International Experience: Summer study abroad program 2015 in England; Former International Student Services Office assistant; Former Head of Marketing and current member of AUBG Daily; Work&Travel 2019; ISEP Fall 2021 participant in Sweden (Malardalen University).
Majors and standing: Business Administration; Senior

Anna Spasova

Nationality: Bulgarian
Admissions Counselor and Recruitment Coordinator at AUBG

Kliment Stamenkov 

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: International student and ISEP Study Abroad participant in the US
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Junior

Veronika Starodub

Nationality: Ukrainian
International Experience: I am currently on ISEP in the United States at Regis University. Here I became a member of the Mathematical Association, where I share the experience that I gained at the Polygon Mathematical Club (AUBG), where I was a Vice President. In addition, for over a year I have been teaching math at the Online Math Center, a tutoring company located in Massachusetts. There I share with American high school and college students the knowledge I acquired at AUBG. Besides that, I am actively doing research in mathematics. Recently my article “Triangle Conics, Cubics, and possible applications in Cryptography” was published in the journal “Mathematics and Statistics”, also I presented my work on the International Conference on Science, Computing, Chemistry & Management 2021; my previous paper “Triangle Conics and Cubics” has participated in the International Conference “Algebraic and Geometric Methods of Analysis”, and has been published at the Journal “Research in Mathematics and Mechanics”. Of course, my affiliation was indicated as AUBG in all of the above conferences and journals.
Majors and standing: Mathematics and Economics, Senior

Stanislav Todorov

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Resident Assistant; Have conducted Diversity Training, helped organize StartUP Conference 2020, Financial Manager of Elevate AUBG

Majors and standing: Business Administration  and Psychology; Junior

Binderiya Usukhbayar

Nationality: Mongolian
International experience: Participated in exchange programs in the US and Taiwan. Former International Student Services Office Assistant, Senior Writer at AUBG Today, Admissions ambassador. Second year working as a Resident Assistant. Work and Travel 2021 in the US. President and co-Founder of AUBG Sustainability Club for the second year. Participated in various internships in Mongolia and Bulgaria (Gerhub NGO, AUBG OCM and Chorus Project) and currently working part-time in an international company. Former member of Business Club and Political Science Club. Student Representative to the Board of Trustees and a Student Government board member.
Major and standing: BUS and INF, Junior

Yana Veitsman

Nationality: Kazakhstani
International experience: High school exchange student in Colorado Spring, CO, USA on FLEX program in 2016-2017. Participant of the Civic Education workshop in Washington DC, USA in 2017. Participant of the Central Asia Flexability Workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Erasmus exchange student at University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain in Spring 2021. Intern in an IT startup on Erasmus traineeship in Brussels, Belgium, in summer 2021.
Majors and standing: Computer Science; Junior

Markus Wien

Nationality: German  

Sabina Wien 

Nationality: Bulgaria

Denitsa Yosifova

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Liaison officer at the 2016 Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta; Participant and judge for the BEST tournament; Work and Travel program 2019; Part of the most diverse department of Radio AURA; 3 times participant in the International Week on campus; Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges in France, Sweden, and Turkey; Erasmus Traineeship in Spain
Majors and standing: JMC and BUS; Senior

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