Phi Beta Delta Alumni

Ainagul Aitbayeva

Nationality: Kazakh
International experience: FLEX exchange program in California 2016; Participant of leaders workshop in Kosovo 2018; Active participant of the International week at AUBG for three years; W&T 2018 and 2019; Three years as a student assistant & campus guide and one year as a Peer Counselor at AUBG.
Major and standing: Business Administration and Psychology; Senior

Aleksandar Aleksov

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: Direct exchange student at the University of Maine; Student Advisor; Member of The Hub; Work and Travel.
Major and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Senior

Altynbek Kyzy Cholpon

Nationality: Kyrgyzstan
International Experience: A finalist of the FLEX , spending an academic year in Tampa, Florida, a participant of the Civic Education Workshop which took place in Washington, D.C, a member of the Free Sofia Tour; Resident Assistant.

Angelov Aleks

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Participated in the Summer Entrepreneurship Program at Babson College; the American International Consortium of Academic Libraries (AMICAL); a treasurer of the Bon Appetit Cooking Club.

Babev Nikolay

Nationality: Bulgarian 
International Experience: Erasmus Exchange program in Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany; took part in a one month International relations course with 15 people in the United States in American University in Washington. Took part in organizing the Diversity Training for the last 3 years as part of the Orientation Week, in my duty as a Resident Assistant in AUBG.

Balkandzhieva Katerina 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Second Year as a Resident Assistant at Skapto 1; Former Student Assistant; Work and Travel 2 times; Diversity Training; The HUB AUBG.
Major and standing: Business Administration and Information Systems; Senior

Bedovska Iryna 

Nationality: Ukrainian
International Experience: Exchange Student at Umaine, USA

Bashuk Anna

Nationality: Russia
International Experience: A member of AUBG Daily and University Relations office, Erasmus exchange at Volda University College, Norway, an international editor for the university’s magazine Peikestokken.

Buda Enxhi

Nationality: Albanian
International Experience: ISEP Exchange Student at the Western Connecticut State University; Research assistant at Western Connecticut State University; Teaching and Research assistant in Econometrics; Tutor and Teaching assistant in Statistics; Recruitment Assistant at Admission’s Office; Dancer at Broadway Musical; Student assistant at Panitza Library; Photographer at Infocus Club.

Canagasabey Rochel J.

Nationality: Sri Lankan
International experience: Part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society for International Scholars at the American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka which is affiliated with Broward College, Florida; Awarded the Robert “Bob” Elmore Honors certificate for completing 15 academic credits learning about different cultures and writing academic papers on it; Transfer student studying in Bulgaria and experiencing the culture and diversity of Eastern Europe, which is almost never found in Sri Lanka.

Chimedbat Chingunee

Nationality: Mongolia
International Experience: ERASMUS Exchange program in Deggendorf Institute of Technology in Bavaria, Germany, team-building people from Germany, Turkey, South Korea and Mexico.

Chobanova Lilia

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Participated in a one-year ISEP exchange program in Beloit College, Wisconsin, International Club activities, including the organization of a Taste Fair, an academic training in a bank in Massachusetts.

Chukhlantseva Mariia 

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Russian Academic High School Exchange in the United States in 2016; Erasmus+ Student Exchange participation in Science Po Grenoble; participant of the Liberal Arts Education Conference in the Netherlands in 2018; International Volunteering Forum participant in 2019; AUBG Student Ambassador for 3,5 years; WAT 2018&2019; Erasmus Student Network participation; Student Assistant at the AUBG Career Center; Student Assistant for MLL Department.
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations; Senior

Cipa Akri

Nationality: Albania
International Experience: Erasmus program in the Netherlands.

Dimitrova Katalina

Nationality: Bulgarian
International Experience: Erasmus exchange student in Germany, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg; Resident Assistant in Skaptopara 2; Co-founder of Bulgarian Folk Dance Club "Samodia"; Work and Travel program participant

Dimovska Mihaela

Nationality: Macedonia
International Experience: A Student Advisor, a president of the Computer Science Students Union, a course assistant in  Mathematics major, participated in the International CryptoBG Conference in Bulgaria,  Erasmus Program in Germany.

Dordevic Katarina

Naionality: Serbia
International Experience: Participated in BLIMUN, a UN simulation conference, Erasmus Plus Programme in Spring 2015.

Draganov Viktor

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Erasmus exchange in Saint Etienne, France; participant in the AUBG International week; took part of several diversity trainings at AUBG; helped in the organization of several AUBG summer camps and conferences; Work & Travel programs

Dura Marialena

Nationality: Albanian
International Experience: Part of different clubs in AUBG, Resident Assistant

Elagina Diana

Nationality: Russian Federation
International experience: ERASMUS+ exchange semester at the University of Bremen, Germany

Eremin Artem

Nationality: Russia
International Experience: An exchange student (FLEX program) in the USA, Erasmus exchange program in Hungary; an active participant in the AUBG International Week

Fetisova Olga

Nationality: Russia
International Experience: An Erasmus program participant in Spain, an active participant of the Erasmus Student Network organization.

Gabrakova Iva

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: An organizer adjustment and cultural-awareness programs, a Peer Counselor in the first year at AUBG, AIESEC, TEDxAUBG.

Galimov Anatolii

Nationality: Russian Federation
International experience: participated in an international Procter & Gamble CEO Challenge; P&G Cluster Finals (European Semifinals) in South East Europe; Cup Almaty 2015 Business Challenge; International Business Challenge organized by an American NGO WaterStep; IE Summer Business School in Madrid, Spain; Harvard Summer Business School in Cambridge, USA

Ganin Yegor

Nationality: Ukraine
International Experience: Erasmus+ Exchange Program: Sciences Po Grenoble, France (Spring 2016); Conferences: BEUM (2013), BLIMUN (2014); Clubs at AUBG: Broadway Performance Club, Political Science Club, Francophone Club, Infocus

Gantogtokh Uurtsaikh

Nationality: Mongolian
International experience: Organizing committee member of the Ambassador Elena Poptodorova Distinguished Lecturers Series (2015-current) ; Organizing Committee president of the Green Future exchange project of AIESEC (2014-15).

Georgiev Hristo

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Participated in several technology conferences, in and outside of Bulgaria (FOSDEM 2015, the largest open source software conference in Europe), a participant in the Summer Entrepreneurship Program, attended numerous entrepreneurial events in San Francisco.

Georgiev Petar

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Participated in several Model EU and Model UN conferences abroad; Summer School program in Wurzburg, Germany, conference at the European Institute at London School of Economics and Political Science;  president of the European Society at AUBG. 

Georgieva Tereza 

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: A Vice President  of Better Community Club,a member of  European  Society Club, Conferences attended: Model United Nations, Tedx Blagoevgrad, Start Up Blagoevgrad, Business in Practice by AIESEC. 

Hodzha Sezen

Nationality: Bulgarian
International Experience: During the spring 2016 semester, I had the opportunity to be an Erasmus exchange student in Baskent University in Ankara, Turkey. I got the chance to meet students from various cultures and backgrounds. Also, I promoted AUBG among my classmates by telling them about the student clubs and various classes and extracurricular activities we have access to. 

Hryshchenko Anastasiia

Nationality: Ukraine
International Experience: A leader of Diversity Training and wellness programs  as a Resident Assistant, counselor at the Educational Summer Camps, participated in the FLEX-YCO in US;Resident Assistant. 

Ilyova Boryana

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Vocal Director of Female Folklore Ensemble 'Svetlina'; TEDxAUBG Speakers team member; Writing Center tutor; AUBG Choir member; participated in high school summer programs in Spain. 

Ivanovski Andrej 

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: ISEP exchange student at Southwestern University; Student Advisor and Spanish Tutor at the Writing Center; Student Representative to the Enrollment Management Committee; Student Representative to the Business Department; Member of The Hub; Work and Travel.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration; Senior

Kaneva Borislava

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Finalist for YES (Youth Exchange and Study) and went on a one-year high-school exchange in the US;  visitor of the NASA space camp in Turkey; a member of the debates club; participated in the annual meeting of SGs of American Universities outside US in 2013; participated in an Economic Conference in cooperation with the AUK in 2014. 

Kapllani Levi

Nationality: Albania
International Experience: Participated in an exchange program at the University of North Carolina at Asheville; in three sessions of the European Youth Parliament, a participant of the Brazilian team in the Taste Fest. Karimova Saida Nationality: Kazakhstan International Experience: Erasmus program in Norway. 

Kazakova Anastassiya 

Nationality: Kazakh
International experience: ISEP exchange student at Creighton University; FLEX exchange program in Pennsylvania 2016
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Economics; Senior

Klatz Krystina

Nationality: Belarus
International experience: A participant in exchange program in University of Maine, USA, Spring 2016 

Kolcheva Margita

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: A member of PTPI "Better Community Club"; participant in Erasmus+ international training courses in Macedonia, Croatia and Turkey;  organizer and trainer of Erasmus+ international seminars in Bulgaria; Resident Assistant. 

Krise Lydia 

Nationality: American

Kukoleva Kristina 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former President of Student Government; Former RA; Participant in Erasmus youth exchanges in Germany and Lithuania; Part of International Week 2020 Team
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Computer Science; Senior

Kurochina Sofia 

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Erasmus+ traineeships; WomenTech Ambassador; Work and Travel; Member of TheHUB; Ex-president of InFocus.
Majors and standing: Business Administration; Senior

Kolvakh Anastasiia

Nationality: Ukrainian
International experience: A participant in Erasmus exchange program, a former BCC member, Peer Counselor Kostiuchenko Kateryna Nationality: Ukraine International Experience: An exchange student (FLEX program) in the USA; a member of Ambassador’s Club, French Club, Political Science and Documentary Movie Club,  an active participant in the European Youth Parliament, BLIMUN conference. 

Krangach Kateryna

Nationality: Ukrainian
International experience: Semester on exchange in Bamberg, Germany Lomiashvili Omari Nationality: Georgia International Experience: An exchange student at the University of Montana; a member of Student Government, AIESEC; and TEDxAUBG organizational team; Resident Assistant. 

Manova Desislava 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: SRA Skapto I; Organizer and Leader of Workshops in Batumi, Georgia; Diversity trainings executor; President of TEDxAUBG; US Embassy Internship; Organizing international week 2020 and the movie night; Senior Student Assistant in Admissions; Student Ambassador; A judge in a language competition.
Majors and standing: JMC; Senior

Miree Lucia 

Nationality: American

Marchina Anna

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Participated in Erasmus+ exchange program in Spring 2017 semester, studying media at Volda University College in Norway. Worked as a student assistant at AUBG Admission Office, contacting prospective students and helping to spread the knowledge about AUBG, its education system and international community. Videographer at the Office of Communication and Marketing at AUBG, covering local events and promoting AUBG spirit. 

Uerda Muca 

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: AlbanianExchange student in "Macalester College"
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Economics

Nielsen Jeffrey 

Nationality: United States
International Experience: Born in NYC; 1994-1996 Prague, taught at CERGE; 1996-1998 Copenhagen, taught at Copenhagen Business School; 1999- 2007 Switzerland, taught at Studienzentrum Gerzensee; 2006 – teaching at AUBG; 2014 sabbatical leave in Seoul South Korea 4 month stay.

Marko Jorgjeta

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: President of PTPI "Better Community Club" at AUBG. I have volunteered in many projects like charity bake sales, social home project that consists of weekly visits to the social homes of Blagoevgrad, Toy Collection, Food and Clothes donation campaigns. I have coordinated The Earth Hour Concert during Environment Week and the Christmas Concert with the kids of the social homes. 

Mihaylova Hristina

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: I am currently a member of the European Society Club, Olympics, and the Bulgarian Folk Dance Club ‘Samodiva’ at AUBG. I have been taking part in MUN and MEU simulations for the last couple of years. I am the president of the European Society Club this year and one of the organizers behind MEU Blagoevgrad 2017. I have taken part in SUNY 2016 in Brussels, as well, which is the biggest MEU conference organized by an American university. Other than that, I have gone to a WAT programs in the USA 

Naumova Iva

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: An Erasmus exchange student.

Nikolova Anna

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Student Representative of Academic Advisory Committee, Academic Integrity Council, and Student Outcomes Assessment Committee, Co - Founder and a former President of Bulgarian Folk Dance Club “Samodiva”, a former teaching assistant in Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry.  

Orel Valerii

Nationality: Ukraine
International Experience: An Erasmus+ exchange student in the University of Alicante, Spain. 

Pandzherova Nikoleta

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: As part of the AUBG Student Ambassadors club, AUBG Business club and BFDC "Samodiva" I had the chance to take part in numerous international events organized on campus. Back in high school I took part in two international projects administrated by the Academy of the Central European Schools (ACES) and had the chance to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. I was also granted an education week in Bristol, UK as an award for becoming the national finalist at the Inter-School General Knowledge Quiz 2012. 

Osmanoviq Arlinda 

Nationality: Montenegrin
International experience: Exchange student in "Macalester College" 
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations and Business Administration

Pantsialei Anastasiya

Nationality: Belarusian
International experience: 2020 - participant of Women in Peace and Security conference; Summer 2020 - interning for National Geographic Russia magazine in Moscow; Russia 2019-2020 - Writing Center tutor in AUBG; Spring 2020 - Erasmus+ exchange in the LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania; 2019 - Rome Press Game participant inside Rome MUN; 2019 - AUBG MUN participant; Summer 2019 - Work&Travel in Hyannis, USA; Spring 2019 - interning for Ananke magazine in Dubai, UAE; Fall 2018 - reporter for AUBG Daily; 2017 - International Young Naturalist Tournament participant in Nanjing, China; 2017 - student of Excel English school in London, the UK; 2016 - student of Cambridge Language school in Cambridge, the UK.

Pantelides Arthur

Nationality: Greek-American  
International experience: I have worked and travelled for extensive periods (months/years) to the following countries: US,  Japan,  Canada,  Mexico,  Chile,  Argentina,  Brazil,  UK,  Germany,  Italy,  Vietnam, and others; and consider myself an Internationalist: European by birth, American by choice and education, with 20+ years of professional experience in one of the biggest Japanese companies in the world.  

Pejkovic Bojana

Nationality: Serbian
International experience: SerbianFLEX exchange program in California 2014/15; International student at AUBG; WAT on Nantucket, MA for three consecutive summers; Exchange student at SUNY Fredonia (direct exchange) Spring 2019; Erasmus exchange in Alcoy, Spain Spring 2020; Erasmus traineeship in Valencia Spain Summer and Fall 2020.
Majors and standing: Political Science and International Relations; Business Administration

Petkova Veneta 

Nationality: Bulgarian

Prekrasnyy Anatoly

Nationality: Russian Federation
International experience: ISEP exchange at the University of Southern Indiana, FLEX 2011-2012 

Rekaj Krasmen

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: Diversity training-Language Workshop 

Rekaj Xhensila

Nationality: Albania
International Experience: AUBG Resident Assistant - (Diversity Trainings 2009-2012); Phi Beta Delta member- (International Week 2011-2012); AUBG Residence Hall Director-(Diversity Trainings 2016) 

Russeva Tzvetelina

Nationality: Bulgarian 
International experience: AUBG European Society Club – the club that organizes the Model European Union Blagoevgrad conference every year. I am also part of Bulgarian Folklore Dance Club “Samodiva.” The third club I am part of is AUBG Marketing Club 

Shirinkina Iuliia

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Belgrade European Union Model in 2013; active participant of BLIMUN and MEU Blagoevgrad conferences (2013-2015); in my freshman year of AUBG I joined the Student Ambassador Club in AUBG, and this year I am a senior student ambassador; Erasmus+ exchange program. I spent my Spring ’16 semester in Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic; my Erasmus+ exchange was followed by participation in Erasmus+ traineeship program. I joined The Central European Journal of International and Security Studies for summer 2016. 

Shklyaev Viacheslav

Nationality: Russian
International experience
: Slava has lived in Bulgaria, Poland, and the USA. 

Samsonova Evgeniya

Nationality: Russia
International Experience: Study abroad in Toronto, Canada, an exchange program at the University of Maine,  a participant in the International Club, an active participant of International week, Q&A sessions, traditional dance classes, and also a Taste Fest. 

Stoycheva Anna

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: A member of the Broadway Performance Club(vocal; director) , a member of the Female Folklore Ensemble “Svetlina”, participated in: TedX AUBG, StartUpBlagoevgrad. 

Staneva Valentina 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former President of Svetlina; Former PR manager at The Hub; Member of the Broadway Performance Club and AUBG Choir; Work and Travel.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration

Stoyanova Maria-Magdalena (Meggie) 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former Student Assistant; Former RA; Work and Travel for 2 summers; ISEP Exchange in California, USA; Former member of StartUP@Blagoevgrad; International Week Organizer; Former member of Toastmasters@AUBG; member of AUBGOlympics Committee; member of Investment Management Club (IMC); Summer 2020 AUBG Mentorship Program; AUBG Student Ambassador; 6 Diversity Trainings.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Information Systems

Shyti Irida 

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: Exchange Student at Otto-Von Guericke Magdeburg; Intern at RocketLoop in Machine Learning department; Coding Girls club leader and ambassador; Women in Tech Ambassador; Resident Assistant in Skapto 2; Former Student Assistant; Member of The Hub.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Mathematics

Solarski Stefan 

Nationality: Macedonian
International experience: Exchange Student at Kent State University, Ohio; President of Math Club Polygon; International Student; Organized MEU, TEDx Conferences and International Mathematics Competitions.
Majors and standing: Mathematics and Computer Science

Sullivan Steven

Nationality: American

Taranova Diana 

Nationality: Ukrainian
International experience: 2015-2016 FLEX exchange program in Florida, USA; 2019 ISEP exchange program in Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA; AUBG international student; Work and Travel program Summer of 2018 and 2019, in Maryland and Massachusetts.
Majors and standing: Psychology and JMC

Tashpulatov Rinat 

Nationality: Russian
International Experience: Exchange Student in Collegium Civitas through Erasmus + student mobility program in Warsaw, Poland.
Majors and standing: Journalism and Mass Communications

Tihomirova Roberta 

Nationality: Bulgarian
International Experience: Former Treasurer and current Vice President of TEDxAUBG; PR manager at Elevate; went on a Work&Travel program twice, but have visited the States 4 times in total; former member of Radio Aura and a writing center tutor; worked on numerous international projects as part of my studies.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and JMC

Tamir Anar

Nationality: Mongolian
International experience: Erasmus+ exchange semester in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Tran My

Nationality: Vietnamese
International experience: Erasmus+ Exchange and 5-month internship in Budapest, Hungary 

Tugu Geri

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: Erasmus Exchange (Tilbrug, Netherlands) Turcan Olga Nationality: Moldova International Experience: A member and former president of PTPI “Better Community Club,a Resident Assistant, participated in Diversity Training. Ukleba Ana Nationality: Georgia International Experience: Erasmus program in Sciences Po Bordeaux, France; a member of the Francophone, Political Science, and European Society clubs. 

Urdeva Desislava

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: Erasmus program in Augsburg, Germany; an AIESEC project in Ukraine and Brazil; part of BLIMUN organizational team. 

Vagapova Elmira

Nationality: Russian
International experience: Erasmus Exchange program in Germany 

Maria Vasileva

Nationality: Bulgarian
International experience: Former Resident Assistant at Skapto 1; Work and Travel; Member of AURA, the Hub, and AUBG Daily.
Majors and standing: Business Administration and Economics; 

Volkhonskaya Sofia

Nationality: Russia
International experience: Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) in ’08-‘09; Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in ’08-‘09; European Youth Parliament (EYP) – delegate from Bulgaria in the 66th sessions in Athens, Greece in ‘11; Treasurer of the AUBG EYP club in ’11-‘12; AUBG International Weeks ’10,’11,’12 and ’14; Work&Travel 

Zaharieva Tsvetiana 

Nationality: Bulgaria
International Experience: ISEP exchange at the Dominican University of California in the USA; team leader of the Speakers team at TEDxAUBG; part of the musical. 

Zhubaniyazova Dinara 

Nationality: Kazakhstan
International Experience: Exchange semester at the University of North Georgia, U.S.

Xhafa Fatma

Nationality: Albanian
International experience: Former RA in Skapto 1, Former Student Assistant, Work and Travel for 2 years in a row, Erasmus+ in Spain, Vice President at StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2019-2020.
Majors and standing: Computer Science and Business Administration


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