Payment and Accounting Policies for AY 20/21

Making payments and receiving refunds in AY 20/21

Last updated October 2020

Making payments or receiving refunds via the cashier desk in the Business Office should be avoided.

If you need to visit the Business Office and/or the Accounting Office to make or receive a payment, please notify the respective office at least 30 minutes in advance of your visit via email or telephone. Wear a facemask when visiting the Business Office and observe a reasonable physical distance.

Making payments to AUBG

Payments to AUBG should be made via debit/credit cards, wire transfers, or other electronic means. Please visit for available options. When making an online payment, please indicate your name, ID number (if relevant), and the reason for making the payment.

Receiving refunds or advance payments

Refunds and advance payments in cash are not allowed. All approved purchase expense reports / travel reports / advance request forms (including original invoices and other supporting documents) should be sent to the Accounting Office, using internal mail. If you are outside AUBG, you can send the report with all documents and the email approval from the budget manager via email to and, but the original invoices and supporting documents also should be sent to the Accounting Office, using courier service. In both cases, please state the bank account to which the payment will be sent. The payment will be transferred to your bank account only if the original documents are received.

Student clubs should not follow the procedures outlined above when claiming refunds or requesting advance payments. The representatives of the student clubs should refer to the Student Government webpage for instructions. Students’ refunds amounting to BGN 50 or less (or equivalent in other currencies) will be credited directly to the student’s account and not paid via wire transfer to a bank account.

For any questions concerning refunds or advance payments, please contact or

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