Non-AUBG Visitors

Panitza library at AUBG is open to the public. It welcomes members of other academic institutions, organized visits from schools and universities and members of the public and academic collaborators.

Non-AUBG visitors can use Panitza library collections free of charge. They can:

  • Use the Library catalog to check library holdings
  • Use the Library print collections

There are Library Catalogue PCs on each floor of the Library to search for books. The catalog can also be accessed from home from here.

Note: Non-AUBG visitors cannot use electronic resources,  take books out of the library or photocopy library materials.

Before visiting the library, please check our working hours as they vary throughout the academic year. Please note, that access is limited during the final exams weeks.

To use the library, all visitors need to prove their identity at the Circulation desk and fill in a form with their name, address and used library materials. This information is collected for statistical purposes and with compliance with our legal GDPR obligations.

For more information on our services and collections, please contact us at

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