BLIMUN 2015 – “Do you want to be a future leader?”

February 10, 2015
​Learning about political leadership, negotiation, lobbying – with a little fun mixed in highlighted a weekend (Feb. 6-8) of diplomacy on the AUBG campus.
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What Happened to SG?

February 09, 2015
Unexpected vacancies in AUBG’s Student Government led to an unusual mid-school year election last week. The mid-year election had the campus buzzing leading up to voting on Feb. 3.
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AUBG Students Learn from a Popular Music and Video Producer

January 31, 2015
A New York-based video producer revealed his secret to success to aspiring journalists from AUBG: networking, hard work, discipline and a little bit of luck. Erik Braund,…
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​Zhelyu Zhelev, former President of Bulgaria, dies at 79

January 30, 2015
One of the dearest friends and supporters of AUBG, President Zhelyu Zhelev (1990 – 1997), died at the age of 79 on Friday. President Zhelev has been part of AUBG since its…
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AUBG Professor Presents Her First Book of Poetry

January 29, 2015
these birds are prophets of the hasty flight of the fleeting trance of the bread that hangs in a cloth bag from a chipped chair’s knob of the green iron gate w_here…
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Alumni-Led Company Wins Forbes Best Startup Award

January 27, 2015
This January, at the Forbes Bulgaria 2014 Business Awards, Transmetrics - a company founded by AUBG alumnus Asparuh Koev and staffed primarily by AUBG alumni, won the prestigious…
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AUBG EMBA Cohort 2015 – “High level professionals– all in very good spirits”

January 23, 2015
In January 2015, AUBG welcomed the new Executive MBA cohort. The twenty-three professionals are expected to finish the 16-month program, based in Sofia, in May 2016, after…
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AUBG President Speaks at an AmCham Event at Elieff

January 19, 2015
Kevin Aspegren, President of AUBG, was the keynote speaker at a business breakfast organized jointly by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham) and AUBG, and…
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New Recruits Arrive for Spring 2015

January 16, 2015
Seventy-three new students entered AUBG’s gates this January for the start of the Spring semester. Thirty-eight of them will begin their education journey at AUBG as full-time…
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Christmas Spirit in Blagoevgrad

December 21, 2014
The magnificent Christmas tree rising proudly at city center, the sparkling lights, and the joyous holiday jingles can only mean that Christmas is around the corner in Blagoevgrad,…
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