Ventsislav Dinev, Interim Bookstore Manager: “Over the years, I’ve grown fond of this unique surrounding and institution”

The values of the liberal arts culture at AUBG stretch beyond its students and faculty. The university’s administration also appreciates the diversity of ideas and the opportunity to embrace new challenges. One good example of this is Ventsislav Dinev, who has been with AUBG for almost eight years.

Dinev started his career at AUBG as a gym supervisor, then became a security guard, and is currently serving as the interim manager of the bookstore.

“I was feeling motivated to take up new challenges when the position of interim bookstore manager was opened,” he said. “Though temporary, only for six months, it didn’t take me long to decide to apply.”

A holder of a relevant master’s degree in economics from the South-West University (SWU) in Blagoevgrad and with experience in the field, Dinev proved to be an appropriate candidate for the position.

“I now realize how important the bookstore is in the university life,” Dinev said. “It gives me the chance to see things from a different perspective and makes them more interesting and exciting for me.”

Dinev values the time spent at the university, saying that over the years he has “grown fond of this unique surrounding and institution.”

“I very much value the diverse and international environment at AUBG, the impressive high standards of education, the outstanding students and faculty,” he said.

The job of the bookstore manager is demanding, yet exciting, Dinev said.

“Yes, everything is different now – new working hours, everyday communication with more and different people, intense email correspondence,” he said. “It keeps me excited and more involved in the AUBG life, which is a feel-good factor. … I am determined to do my best to keep the momentum up of the well-oiled machine.”

Prior to joining AUBG, Dinev was a professional football player for more than 10 years.

“I showed my interest in football from an early age and pursued my dream through the years,” he said. “I’ve gone through all – children, junior, and youth teams – to become a professional player in the highest Bulgarian league.

But time to retire from active sport eventually comes and it is inevitable, so I had to start looking for new venues.”

Dinev completed a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy from SWU and then got his two master’s degrees from the same university: in Economics and in English Philology.

Story by Dimana Doneva
Photography by Dimana Doneva

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