Veliyana Georgieva (‘23), Bulgaria: “I hope to experience many adventurous things here at AUBG”

This fall, AUBG welcomed 274 top-achieving students coming from over 20 countries. We’ve set to interview some of them.

Meet Veliyana Georgieva from Bulgaria. She is an experienced debater with a love for drawing and politics. She’s also co-founder and president of the NGO Bulgaria of the Young, which organized the first of its kind Model Republic of Bulgaria at AUBG back in April. 

Where are you from? 

I’m from Petrich, Bulgaria.

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself.

I love drawing. I’ve been drawing since first grade and it’s something that has always been a passion for me. I’m also interested in debating and politics. That’s why I spend much time researching political affairs. 

What is the achievement that you are most proud of?

Actually, I have two achievements I’m most proud of. I’m going to mention the most recent one first. I was chosen to participate in the upcoming Model European Union in Lisbon as a president of the European Council. I’m going to be the youngest Chair and I’m really excited about it. The second thing I’m most proud of is being the president of a non-profit organization called Bulgaria of the Young, which was established by my friends and me in 2017. In April this year, we organized the first of its kind Model Republic of Bulgaria in AUBG which was very successful.

What do you plan to study at AUBG? What extracurricular activities would you like to join?

I’m planning to double major in Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations. I’m also thinking of doing a minor in European studies. When it comes to extracurricular events, I’m not sure yet. 

What was the particular thing that made you prefer AUBG over other universities?

I preferred AUBG because it’s a quality university and I also wanted to stay in Bulgaria instead of going abroad. 

How do you like Blagoevgrad so far?

Well, I come from a town which is smaller than Blagoevgrad, but in the last five years, I lived and studied in Sofia. So, Blagoevgrad is a nice middle ground as it’s not as crowded and noisy as Sofia and yet there are more opportunities compared to my hometown.

What do you expect to gain from the journey called AUBG?

Probably the most important thing I’ll gain here besides the knowledge, are the relationships I’m going to build with AUBG people. I hope I’ll experience many new and adventurous things here. It will be fun.

Interview by Bilhen Sali

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