Valya Nadova ’13: “Education at AUBG is one of a kind”

One year after throwing her graduation hat in the air, AUBG alumna Valya Nadova is building a career at Eleven—one of the most successful startup accelerator funds in the region. Nadova is confident that completing degrees in Business Administration and Journalism and Mass Communication gave her a broader perspective on life and presented her with a number of great opportunities. “If I have to put it shortly,” she says, “AUBG was different from my expectations because it exceeded them.”

While at the university, Nadova met a number of professors who encouraged her to be creative, think outside the box, and work on “real world projects.” But it was Drs. Milena Nikolova and Veneta Andonova who most brought her “into the world of innovations.” “Their help was—and still is—important to me,” she says, “because they gave me the push that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and grab the opportunities.”

Outside of the classroom, Nadova was part of AUBG Daily and worked as a Resident Assistant for most of her time at AUBG. Today, she feels that working while studying made her more responsible, better organized, and a better team player. She says the university also taught her to meet deadlines, to handle critical situations, and to be part of a diverse community. “I believe the most valuable part of the AUBG experience is the connections you create before you go out in the big world,” she explains, “The students are a great community and despite the differences among them, they stand united, which cannot be said for many Bulgarian universities.”

Nadova began working for Eleven immediately after graduation, when she became an intern on a project with Nikolova and Andonova. Nadova loved the place from the start, and throughout her internship, she constantly wished they would hire her. A year later, she is now Manager of Investment Projects, a job she enjoys immensely because it allows her to work with interesting clients and collaborate with a great team of professionals.

“What I like about the position is that I constantly meet many people from various backgrounds and with original ideas, which reminds me of AUBG. I enjoy being involved in their lives and helping them build a company,“ she says.

Having only just begun her career, Nadova is determined to build on her early success by working hard and never giving up, no matter what challenges she faces. Her dreams are big, and her philosophy is simple: “Be stubborn, be optimistic, and find what makes you happy.”

Story by Nikoleta Gancheva

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