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The Curse of Babylon: Misinforming, by Prof. Dimitar Christozov

March 19, 2018

The risk of misinforming represents the major challenge in the process of informing nowadays. Becoming informed via non-direct communication, without feedback opportunities, increases the impact of information asymmetry and leads to misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and misleading – the misinforming hazard and associated risks.

The origin and nature of this hazard in the era of dominance of digital communication and Big Data are discussed, as well as how to quantify probability and impact of this risk in case of e-commerce. The warranty of misinforming as a factor influencing the informing process and its role to promote innovation adoption is presented in details, by introducing a model allowing evaluating the effect of a mixed warranty policy, combining warranty of malfunctioning and warranty of misinforming.

Results of an empirical study conducted in Victoria University at Wellington, New Zealand, are presented in support of illustrating the scale and magnitude of this hazard and importance of research on quantifying and managing the associated risk.

Potential positive role of misinforming hazard will be discussed as well.

Dimitar Christozov is a Professor of Computer Science at the American University in Bulgaria, since 1993. He has more than 35 years of research and education experience in areas as computer science, applied statistics, information systems. His recent interests are in the field of business analytics and data science. He graduated Mathematics from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in 1979. He completed his Ph.D. thesis “Computer Aided Evaluation of Machine Reliability” in 1986 and D.Sc. thesis “Quantitative measures of the quality of informing” in 2009.

At Central Institute of Mechanical Engineering (1979-1986) Dimitar Christozov was engaged in numerous software development projects. His major contribution was design and development of "Relia-Soft", a software application to support research on evaluation machine reliability, for different platform widely used by Bulgarian industry.

At Information Center for Technology Transfer “Informa” (1986-1993) Dr. Christozov was involved in establishing the national information network for technology transfer and lead the research in the areas of technologies assessment, integral quality measures and developing information systems in support of quality management. In these areas he was recognized as one of the leading experts in Bulgaria.

At the American University in Bulgaria, he was the leading person in curriculum development of the majors of Computer Science (1993) and Information Systems (2008).

In the period 2015-2017 he was appointed as the representative of Mathematics and Computer Science in the Executive Board of the Bulgarian Science Fund.

Professor Christozov has more than 100 publications as separate volumes, journal papers and papers in refereed proceedings. He is a founding member and fellow of Informing Science Institute and chair of Bulgarian Informing Science Society. For his contribution to the ISI he was awarded Zbigniew Gackowski Memorial Award for excellence and the advancement of Informing Science. He is founding member and fellow of International Applied Knowledge Management Institute; founding member of the Bulgarian Statistical Society; and the Bulgarian Telework Association. He had chaired and served as member of Program and Organizing Committees of many international conferences and other scientific events.

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